Thank You To The Veterans Of The Iraqi War

Yesterday ended nine years of the Iraqi War. Many people have been deployed multiple times. I want to extend my thanks to those who have served over the last nine years.

Our church has had many people who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. These were part of the active military and the National Guard. We salute you and appreciate your service.

We especially express our gratitude to those families who had members who were killed in Iraq. Our words cannot adequately express our gratitude nor overcome your loss. We can only say a simple “thank you” from the depths of our hearts.

In addition, our country has seem more than 30,000 casualties from the Iraqi War that did not end in death but which have been difficult none the less.

We appreciate all those who have served in both Iraq and Afghanistan and for the sacrifices they have made.

No one needs to be told what difficult years these have been since September 11, 2001. May your service be blessed and may God bless America.

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