You Are The Sum Of Your Choices

We are the sum of our choices.

Our lives are filled with decisions. Each day we make decisions that affect our future and the future of those around us.

Nowhere is this truth more clear than in the story of Solomon. The story of Solomon (1 Kings 1-11) is a story of great achievement and sad decisions which affect the people of Israel to this day.

Solomon had been given every opportunity to do well and establish Israel as a strong and permanent nation in the Ancient Near East. David, his father, left him in charge of a kingdom which dominated much of the middle east and influenced the remainder. David expanded Israel’s borders to their largest extent ever. The nation experienced both peace and prosperity. It was a wonderful time in Israel. The nation received the favor of God because David had wholeheartedly followed God (1 Kings 11: 6).

Solomon apparently saw this as a license to chart his own course. He must have assumed that he deserved his blessings and that God’s favor was something to be taken for granted. Though God had appeared to Solomon twice (1 Kings 11:9), Solomon failed to appreciate God’s presence and favor.

Instead of obeying God completely, Solomon determined his own course. Because of his actions, the nation of Israel was stripped from Solomon’s son and divided into two sections. Israel has never returned to the borders of the time of David and Solomon. Solomon failed to finish well and harmed himself and the people around him.

Solomon’s path moved from triumph to tragedy.

Few of us get to rule nations; all of us get to determine whether or not we will wholeheartedly obey God. We are indeed the sum of our choices.

What path will you take?  

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2 Responses

  1. Rachel, this is coming from a man that has never lost a child so it may not mean alot. But, I have been with somnoee for almost 13 years so I feel I have a little insight on this matter so please bare with me. When Sam lost Tre’ she was not in a church. She had no one to talk to that had been through anything like what she was going through. She tried to brave it alone and it cost her her marriage her relationships with her in-laws and almost her life. I know how valuable somnoee like you could have been to her. Over the years we have sat in church and learned of mothers loosing children and thought we should start a support group to help these parents , but we never had the courage. I guess I am telling you this because you are truly God sent to parents going through this. Do not second guess yourself at all. I pray that you have the strength to continue this. People never learn to cope with this kind of loss without a lot of help from caring people like you. I pray that you and Sam can continue to grow and support each other as you have a special, although heartbreaking, bond with each other. I don’t know how long it takes to recover from a loss like that, but I know it is longer than 13 years. In Christian love, Brad

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