The “How” Of Living Differently

On New Year’s Eve I posted about doing things differently. The idea followed this theme: “If you want to get different results, you have to do different things.” I also reminded readers of the popular definition of insanity–doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

I was amazed at how many people read the post and also amazed at the depth and the honesty of the comments. I would encourage you to reread the post (or read it for the first time) and also view the comments. You can find it all in the post titled “If You Want Life To Be Different . . .”

The question then becomes: “How do I make the changes that I need to make?” Another way to ask is: “What do I need to do to live differently?’

This is how I responded to one person who wrote about being “sick and tired of being sick and tired.” If you want to change, do these three things.

First, completely open your life to God by asking God “what one thing do you want me to change?”

Second, commit to do so. Even if you feel incapable of changing, commit to do so anyway. You will be amazed at the power of this simple decision. In the Bible, this is called repentance–turning away from sin or bad habits and decisions and turning to God.

Remember this, if you say it won’t work you are still living in the old way. The new way–the way of living differently is to trust God to do what He promises. One of my earliest posts dealt with these issues. Go to “Why You ‘Must’ Renew Your Mind” for help in this new way of thinking and acting.

I wrote two accompanying posts on the same theme. “Why You ‘Must’ Renew Your Mind (Part Two)” involves God’s work of transformation in our lives. Transformation is the complete change of character and conduct that God effects within believers. The final post in this series, “Why You ‘Must’ Renew Your Mind (Part Three)” gives you practical advice for how you let God change your life by renewing your mind.

Third, begin each day asking God to change the one area that He revealed to you. This what I do. I begin each day with Scripture and prayer. Some days it is a very brief time. I simply acknowledge my inability to change and ask God to do it for me. I never ask for more than one days worth of help. I ask God for “daily bread.”

I also read Scripture or pray a Scripture verse. I would suggest Galatians 6:2, in which Paul encouraged the Galatians not be be weary in doing well. It’s easy to get discouraged and quit. You need help, and God is ready to give it.

Follow this plan consistently.

I have practiced this process repeatedly. God works through it. Follow this simple plan and you will be amazed at the powerful change in your life.

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