Do You Know What Today Is?

I remember reading a story several years ago of a woman who was getting ready for work. Her husband was already dressed for work and was in the kitchen getting ready to eat. She came into the kitchen and cheerily asked: “Do you know what today is?” He didn’t know quite what to say but he knew that the answer should not be “no.”

That left him in a quandary for the entire day. Instead of saying, “No, what day is it?” he said, “of course, I know what day it is.”  She didn’t respond after that. He didn’t have any idea what was special about that day. It wasn’t Valentine’s Day, and it wasn’t her birthday. It wasn’t their anniversary, was it? For the life of him, he couldn’t figure out what she meant when she asked, “Do you know what today is?”

On top of all that, she seemed so happy when she asked the question. He simply knew that the day had some kind of special significance, and he had better cover all bases. Finally, he ordered a really nice bouquet of fresh flowers. “At the least,” he thought, “I should be okay with these flowers.” He had them delivered to his wife at her workplace.

That night, she was all bubbly again. She said, “Honey, thank you so much for the flowers. All the girls at work were extremely impressed. We all agreed that none of us had ever received flowers on Groundhog Day!”

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