Little Things Make All The Difference

 I love football. I probably love it for all of the reasons that most people do. I love the close games, the fact that it is a physical sport that demands such training and devotion.

I love games that go down to the wire (unless I am watching my favorite teams where I always want a blowout!).

Last weekend’s NFL Conference Championship games didn’t disappoint. Both games could have gone either way. In fact, you could almost make the argument in each case that the losing team could have, and probably should have, won.

Think of how the two games ended up. The Baltimore Ravens lost the AFC Championship game and a trip to the Super Bowl because of a 32 yard missed field goal. Actually the field goal was rushed because the score board operator had the wrong down on the scoreboard. The San Francisco Forty-niners missed the Super Bowl because of two fumbled punts, one of which took a bad bounce and grazed the knee of Kyle Williams. Little things kept both teams out of today’s Super Bowl.

Conversely, the New York Giants and the New England Patriots are in the big game because of the little things.

Football, and sports in general, appeal to me because they show that little things make all the difference. 

In our relationship with God, it’s always the little things that make such a difference.  In football, no one expects a short, rushed field goal or a bad bounce to make the difference in a game. In life, we have the same misconceptions. We expect something well known to be important. With God, it’s the “little” things that make all the difference. Things like Achan taking a few little items from the destruction of Jericho or Ananias and Sapphira holding back part of the money and lying to the church and the Holy Spirit–little things.

God asks us to the make the little things the important things. What are they? Devotion, prayer, obedience, holiness.

These are the big things that matter and make all the difference in life.

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