My Thoughts On The National Prayer Breakfast

Martha and I enjoyed a wonderful experience last week. We traveled to Washington, DC, to attend the National Prayer Breakfast sponsored by members of the House of Representatives and the Senate.

We had a great trip, traveling with Michael and Donna Sprague and Joey and Gwen LaCoste. We enjoyed the fellowship and we enjoyed the experience of being with 7,000 (4,000 in the main room) people who desire to know God and obey Him. At our table for the prayer breakfast, we enjoyed the fellowship of eight other folks. Two couples came from Raleigh, NC. One of those couples knows Dr. Shorter, the Headmaster at Northlake Christian School and a member of our church–talk about six degrees of separation!

We also enjoyed the company of a professor from Howard University in Washington, a young woman from Texas who now works in DC, and a couple from Johnson City, Tennessee. That night we were delighted to be in the fellowship of four couples from Scandinavia. They were editors of the largest Christian papers in Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. Scandinavia and south Louisiana really are worlds apart. We traded questions about our areas and our faith and enjoyed the fellowship of the Holy Spirit.

Eric Metaxas, a Christian writer, told how he came to Christ as an adult and gave a compelling look at the Christian faith. You can read some of his comments in “Why Haven’t I Heard This Before?”

President Obama attended as well. Security was tight but not unbearable. We met at the Washington Hilton, the same location where President Reagan was shot.

President Obama’s speech received mixed reviews. Many people thought he did a marvelous job. Others felt that he used the speech to defend his policies. I would have liked to hear about the president’s personal faith and how his faith intersects with his responsibilities.

As always, the president’s address was well delivered and was warmly and respectfully received. My guess is that the president has never spoken with a larger group of people who pray for him regularly than this.

The meeting ended with Robert Griffin III, this year’s Heisman Trophy winner, giving the benediction. He is articulate and demonstrated that prayer is not something new to him.

Like all similar functions, this really isn’t a time for prayer but more of a time of encouragement for our elected leaders. May you and I cover them with our prayers. They all need the direction of our Lord.

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2 Responses

  1. Excellent report. Michael did a wonderful job of communicating God’s work in his life and in the life of the Community of Believers, especially in the world of our elected leaders. I am privledged to live to see this side of eternity the hope of so many prayers being answered in the Ministry/Service you and Michael represent. AMEN.

    Does your blog spell check? My hands and eyes are not always working together. And then there is the matter of the gray/grey matter. Ah, but by my Spirit says the Lord! 😉 Thanks.

  2. I had the opportunity to meet Michael Sprague at the Tuesday Morning Mens Meeting and hear his message. His delivery of Gods Word was uplifting and powerful. His ministry focus on leadership and leaders in the community is so needed and I was moved and impressed. I agree with Ed, prayers are being answered in the Ministry/Service you and Michael represent with attendance at the National Prayer Breakfast as evidence. It’s a great occassion and chance provided to make a difference. Thank you all.

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