What Would You Do?

Last week I attended a meeting of Baptist leaders. It was a good meeting with many important decisions made. One of the parts of the meeting was a devotional by one of the pastors. I have thought about it repeatedly ever since.

The message by pastor Wayne Hunt was brief, to the point, and penetrating. This is how I remember the devotional.

“As I look around the room I see people who love God and have given their lives to Him. I don’t have any doubts about you or your commitment. What if someone came into this room and demanded that we reject Christ? What if they said you can reject Christ or lose your life? What would you do? I believe that I can say with confidence that almost everyone here would reject your life and remain committed to Christ.” At this point the room became quiet because we were thinking about what we really would do. We weren’t thinking about the person next to us. We were thinking about ourselves.

He went on. “But what if the situation were different? What would you do if someone came in and gave you a different ultimatum? You can reject Christ or lose your money. Now, what would you do?” With this, the room became deathly quiet. He continued: “Can you or I be confident what we would do? Would we give our material things for Christ? It becomes a different issue when it’s about money.”

No wonder Jesus talked so much about money. No wonder that He told us that no one can serve two masters. You can’t serve God and serve material possessions. They are too much in opposition. Both demand so much of us. You will either love one and hate the other or hate one and love the other.

What would you do?     

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5 Responses

  1. Great thought-provoking and convicting post Dr. B.I guess the question to me right now is “What am I doing?” What am I already doing as His steward with that which has been entrusted to me on every level including finances, abilities, gifts, people, and the gospel message. Am I managing them well or am I choosing the things of life ahead of Him.

  2. Boy. Answered that question by standing for the Truth and with Scripture a number of times. So many times, I hope I can identify with Paul in his testiamony. Of course like showing up to a crime scene or running into a burning building or giving first aid to a person who may have Aids or Hep C., I wonder, will l do it, next time. Always a good point to ponder. Guess many can say the same. I hope I can continue to share the Gospel of Christ as openly as I am sharing the fruit of my dependence on Him in action, with you. By the way…. Everytime you, our Ministers, our Chruch Family go on the Mission Field: they are answering those questions. AMEN.

  3. My first thoughts after reading your post were “Now, how many who respond to this post openly would tell the truth? ” God’s word tells us not to worry. Not to worry about where food, clothing, lodging, transportation, etc. will come from but to have faith as He will provide for us. That’s a true test of faith. Having total faith and dependence that God, our heavenly father will provide. It’s scary for me as I don’t know if I am being faithful and truly dependent when I know, or feel, it’s my human mind, felsh, and body that has to act as a provider for my family. To ensure the needs of family are met. Can I say without a doubt “I give up money and keep Christ? ” I say yes, but am I being honest?

  4. I remember coming in from a rig off shore Galveston, Texas and being met by the Eastern Regional Technical Supervisor in the Lafayette office. Mr. Charles Neley sat me down and questioned me about a well report I had turned in. It was my job to recap the history of a drilling project as the on site Drilling Engineer representative of The Applied Drlling Technology Department of NL Industries. Gulf Oil Company had set its casing and after several failed attempts to get a test decided to drill ahead any way. Halliburton was the cement contractor on the job. My releif Hank, who was abut 20 years my senior, gave me his report both written and verbal. The well kicked. I told it like it was. My supervisor in Lafayette read the draft I provided. He commented that it was pretty tough stuff and sent it to the pool secretary to be typed and sent to the Salesman in New Orleans who had the Gulf Oil Account. I was given a lecture on “truth” being what he said it was and told that if there was a violation of USGS regulations I should have made an anonymous call from the rig to the USGS rather than chonicle events in my report. I reminded him my report is intended to be a help to improve operations. I was a new Christian and would not lie. He reminded me who was in charge and gave me the courtesy of driving my company car to New Orleans before being terminated. The salesman who delivered the report was also terminated. I had just received my review and had substantially exceed all my objectives, MBO. This same manager down graded me in safety telling my supervisor, “No one can possibly do as much as he did and still be safe.” It was just before Christmas. Because I did not complete the year I did not get my bonus and I did not have a pay check to meet my mortgage. Before I left Lafayette I completed the casing design for a well program I had been working on for INEXCO. I was somewhat the “in house” authoirty on the Tuscaloosa Trend. I had taught and delivered lectures in house. I taught an ADT class before I was officially in ADT. The Staff Engineer Phil called me a few weeks later to let me know that INEXCO requested me as the Engineer for their well; the Lafayette Manager was somewhat embarrased to say I was not available. Because I served my Lord I completed my duty, regardless of the circumstance. I had told Phil I would complete the engineering portion of the program before I left Lafayette; it was late and I was tired.

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