What is the fascination with Jeremy Lin?

If you don’t know who Jeremy Lin is, you are one of the few people. Lin is the point guard of the New York Knicks. Earlier this season, Lin was sleeping on his brother’s couch. Now he is one of the biggest names in sports.

How big is he? Well, since “Linsanity” began when Lin became a starter for the Knicks traffic on the two Knicks websites increased by more than 770 percent. Writers in New York now call it the “Linternet” because of the number of “hits” in the two weeks after Linsanity began. Lin’s jersey is the number one seller in the NBA.

People in New York and around the world want to know what Jeremy Lin is doing at all hours of the day and night. Scott O’Neil, president of MSG Sports, says “The incredible demand has led to record numbers for our online platforms. . .”

So, what is the fascination with people like Tim Tebow and Jeremy Lin? I have the fascination myself. You can see former posts about Jeremy Lin here and Tim Tebow here and here.

Here’s my view.

People are amazed at people who perform at high levels who are not natural athletes or have exceptional talent. Neither Jeremy Lin nor Tim Tebow are the best at what they do. Yet they perform at a level higher than anyone thought possible.

People are fascinated because they see these athletes making the people around them better. Before Jeremy Lin became a starter, the Knicks were abysmal. Now most people are saying they are a playoff contender. Since Linsanity began, they are 8 and 3. Jeremy Lin is playing at a high level and the people around him are playing better than previously.

People are fascinated because Tebow and Lin call attention to God rather than themselves. We are simply not accustomed to people like this. Think of one of the greatest athletes of all time–Muhammed Ali. When I think of him, I remember three phrases: “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee,” “The Thrilla in Manila,” and “I am the greatest!”

Tebow and Lin tell us that God is the greatest. It’s just downright refreshing.

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  1. Lin was asked on an espn interview what kept him grounded..he mentioned his family and friends but then said something I was so excited to hear on espn. He said he needs to stay in God’s word reading his Bible. He said it reminds him that he is a sinner just like everyone else and nothing he does on the basketball court will ever change that.

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