Correct Your Blind Spots

We all have blind spots–some are literal and some are mental, emotional, or even spiritual. This post is about both kinds.

The first is about that literal blind spot, you know the one that you have in driving. It’s a persistent and dangerous problem. When you come to the point of changing lanes, you have a blind spot where you cannot see the vehicle next to you. Many accidents–and uncounted near misses–occur everyday.

Here’s a way to correct it. Make your rearview mirror your primary mirror and use your side mirrors to correct your blind spot. It will take some getting used to, but if you do this you will not have a blind spot to worry about.

Here’s the process. With your vehicle parked, adjust each side mirror. Adjust the driver side mirror first. Lean left against the door. Adjust your mirror so that you can barely see the side of your vehicle. Now lean as far right as possible and do the same with your passenger side mirror. It will correct your blind spot and give you great confidence in changing lanes.

I have used this method for a month and have found it very effective. It will take some time getting used to, and you will want to make sure that you adjust your mirrors correctly. Test it carefully to make sure it works for you.

But what about the other blind spots–those that are involved in our way of thinking? Maybe you have a spiritual blind spot. For example, you know that God exists, but can’t seem to get connected. Maybe a father or mother prejudiced you about God and now you can’t get over the way you were raised. Your blind spot keeps you from God.

Or, maybe you’re thinking of God like you are (as a human) instead of who He really is. Your blind spot keeps you from the God who is love (1 John 4:8).

Think of one of the most prominent men of the time of Jesus. Nicodemus was a man of power and success, but his blind spot kept him from understanding the truth which God revealed through Jesus (John 3:1-16).

The answer to all of these blind spots is found in the Word of God. We must become more attune to who God really is. This will come through intensive time with God’s Word.

In our spiritual lives, we need to adjust our lives like we adjust our mirrors. God has a better way for us if we will make the adjustment.

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  1. Ed Matthew
    Mar 11, 2012

    3 11 12

    Blind spots sometimes require head turning. Age and flexibility influence ones ability to focus quickly and clearly.

    This morning I am on my way to do what God has allowed me to do for the last 41 years. This will be the 42nd. Each of these years I am terrified a child or impaired person will fall or crawl under my wheels in a crowd. Then there is the fear of being in the way with mechanical failure. In front of a parade this can be a problem. Quick assessment means the difference in resolving conflict or other problems or causing a delay. Life is a lot like a parade. Fortunately in both situations if ones purpose is defined the objective can be attained with God’s help.

    Thousands of “Irish Blessings” have been given out over the years. It seems people now look forward to receiving them. It is God’s providence with the Holy Spirit if they become more than a book mark or curiosity.

    A Blessing from St. Patrick himself: “May the strength of God pilot us. May the wisdom of God instruct us, may the Hand of God protect us, may the salvation , O Lord, be always ours. This day and forevermore. Amen”
    May the road rise up to greet thee. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face. May the rain fall softly upon your fields. And until we meet again – May the Lord hold you gently in the palm of His Hand.
    Make these Blessings be, by reading and believing God’s Holy Word. AMEN!

    Following is a note to be left this morning with a Sunday School class. Perhaps, they will pray this portion of God’s Word/Thing will not return void but accomplish what He pleases.

    Dear Brian,

    Please, find herewith Saturday front page metro section and Irish Blessings on green paper for who-so-ever would receive. This is the 42nd year the 1908 has participated in the passing of the Shilelagh and the 17th year I have maintained the tradition. You don’t often see ninety year olds in a car older than them. Johnny is 94 (soon to be 95) and has been the Parade Captain credited with founding the Metairie organization’s parade. The Jefferson Parish Museum has participated every year. Both were founded in 1970. Jefferson Council on Aging where I served for 6 years by the way was also founded in 1970.

    Last week I called attention to the variation of the classification of the offering at Gilgal stated in 1 Samuel 11:15. Some translations had “Peace” and some had “Fellowship.” The Hebrew and Chaldee Dictionary number 8002 list the word used in Hebrew: shalem (sheh’-lem) – a voluntary sacrifice in thanks or a peace offering.

    Perhaps the use of the word “fellowship” is an attempt to emphasize the voluntary and cooperative nature of the offering. This was not an offering made for two or more parties to go their separate ways in peace, as I see it. It was an offering that established a relationship engendering/requiring active participation with a future of common interests for all parties. Sort of like – Romans 12: 4-6.

  2. Ed Matthew
    Mar 12, 2012

    Another interesting thing about blind spots is their nature. Yes, they have a nature. They are what they are because they are unseen by the one who is blind to them. They may be about an object, around an object or even right in plain sight yet not seen the way others do. Blind spots affect value, direction and purpose. My gosh, it seems everyone has them. Blind spots come under various names: hypocrite, prejudice, bigotry, racist, snob, cretin, stupid, ignorant, elitist, etc. Well, you get the idea. There is a nature of people to exercise their perception of vision if they think it will not bring harm to themselves. Where perceptions differ it is like gears that clash. Those clash points are blind spots. Synchromesh is possible! They are more than happy to tell you about your blind spots. It shows up in a parade driving an old vehicle which was not built for being in a slow moving and often not moving parade. Overheating is the enemy of the internal combustion engine. Many people, often one behind another, will come up to let the driver know there is a water leak. The stock reply is to show appreciation and to say, “When the water stops, please let me know. As long as it leaks I know I still have water.” It brings a smile because it puts a little light in their blind spot as it shows they are indeed being helpful.

    If you prayed over the “Blessings” handed out I believe you fueled the Holy Spirit. I don’t know how such things work but that it works. Jesus said to do it. So “Thank You!”

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