One Of The Funniest Things I’ve Ever Seen

Two weeks ago I traveled to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, for an important meeting. I dressed for the occasion–white shirt, suit, and tie. Not long after I entered I-12, I came on two sights that grabbed my attention.

The first was normal, well, at least almost normal. Remember, I have on a suit and tie. I see a man my age or older driving a white convertible with the top down. He has on casual clothes and a baseball cap. He had a cigar in his mouth that looked a foot long.

I couldn’t help but think about my meeting filled with tension and significance and whatever he was doing that looked to be filled with fun. For a long time, I thought about that, but my thoughts came to an abrupt end by what I saw next.

I passed a motorcycle in the right lane. There was nothing significant about that. The driver looked fairly normal for a person driving a motorcycle–at least at the beginning. I can’t describe the driver at all–the passenger seat demanded my attention.

On the passenger seat he had mounted a white, rectangular clothes basket. It fit the passenger seat fairly well. That still wasn’t enough to take my full attention. It was what was in the seat that really demanded my interest. In the basket sat a very happy-looking, white bulldog wearing goggles!

I apologize for not having a picture. After all, this is hard to believe. I was too amazed to think about a picture, and I was only alongside the bulldog for a few seconds.

My first thought was that this couldn’t be real. Then, I began to wonder how the driver kept the bulldog in the seat. It was too funny to be real.

I lot of things in life are too good or too joyful to believe. That’s the way it was with two disciples walking from Jerusalem to the village of Emmaus.

They had experienced the worst weekend possible. Jesus, the one who they thought had come from God, had been crucified. Their  hopes were dashed. They were downtrodden and alone. The events that happened next must have been the happiest few moments of their lives.

Jesus came alongside them and traveled with them to Emmaus. Along the way, He revealed Himself. After He left they returned again to Jerusalem to find the disciples behind locked doors in the upper room. They, too, were sad and afraid. They feared for their lives.

Shortly after the two disciples told their story Jesus appeared to the entire company of the disciples. Even when He showed them His hands and His feet “they still did not believe it because of joy and amazement” (Luke 24:40).

I love those words. The whole Christ event is one of joy and amazement. Everything He said and did fulfilled the plan of God.

He conquered sin and death. He defeated Satan. He opened the way to God.

He fulfilled the words of Scripture: “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him” (1 Corinthians 2:9).

It was simply too wonderful to be true.

It still is.

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  1. Great insight concerning the relative speed of life as one thinks in terms of a Force through a Distance or Work done in Him. John 15:5

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