The Kind of Introduction You Never Forget

Years ago, I made one of my most memorable pastoral visits ever. Actually, maybe it wasn’t so memorable. I have no idea who I visited or what we talked about, but I definitely remember how the evening began.

I visited a couple with young children, or at least with one little child. It was a typical way that we all treat strangers or near-strangers. We want to put our best foot forward and also to use the opportunity to teach our children. That’s what this couple did. They used the occasion to teach their child manners and behavior. I am almost certain that they prepared this young boy (about age three) to meet the preacher and to say yes sir and no sir. Visits such as mine are great teaching times for kids.

Not only had they prepared the boy concerning manners, they also had added to his level of excitement by referring repeatedly to the fact the preacher was coming to visit. As I recall, they prepared cookies and made me feel quite welcome.

I didn’t know how excited the boy was until I rang the door bell. The front door was solid wood but with sidelights on each side that ran from the top of the door to the threshold. After I rang the door bell, I quickly heard the three year old yelling and running through the house.

I’ll never forget what happened next. He ran to the sidelight, cupped his hands so that he could see and announced to the house: “The creature is here, the creature is here!”

I’ve never had a better introduction.

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3 Responses

  1. Yesterday was the Memorial Service for Samuel “The Man” Sims, Sr. It was a Blessing for me for God to arrange my day to attend. I was supposed to be on the South Shore at the time of the service. I have been fortunate enough to know a few men with a similar background: Black, Veterans, Hard Working, Family Oriented, Good Hearted, God Fearing. I would like to say that I remember clearly Mr. Sims. I think I do. I think I remember shaking his hand one Sunday Morning, but I can’t say for certain. I know, however, it is my character to go out of my way to shake the hand of any man like Mr. Sims I find in Church. I have for many years been in the business of tearing down walls that divide God’s people and honoring those who after having put on the whole armor of God and having done all they know to do, still stand. It was a wonderful thing to see the men of Entergy turn out in the numbers I witnessed. It was a wonderful thing to hear Pastor Jay lead the entire section that represented Mr. Sims family in a sinner’s prayer. Likely, if you have attended a “Black” Church you would know that their act was an act of respect for their Loved One and the choice he made. A reading of World Tribal Religion (Transcultural Communications) might help one with some insight. Knowing that possibility however, does not deter nor should detract from all that Act of Love in our Lord’s Name demonstrated and the Power of the Holy Spirit’s presence. The action of the Sims family, the actions of First Baptist Church, the actions of Entergy sent to me a message of Hope. May many more opportunities to Glorify God, as evidently Samuel “The Man” Eugene Sims, Sr. did, spring out of his fountain of our Living Water.

    I could identify with Sam Jr. as he expressed like sentiments I feel toward my Dad, a hard act to follow. May we sons not disappoint those two warriors who are having fellowship in Heaven. After my Dad escaped from behind Germany lines in WW2 in the winter of 1944 he was cold and near death when he came upon a squad of “Colored Soldiers.” Dressed in a German uniform, God provided him a unique opportunity to be identified as to which side he belonged. When Dad recounted the event he was somber in reflection as he gave instruction: Remember, we are all Americans! If it were not for them, there would be no you!

    Most of the “Black” men I know who knew my Dad volunteered to me that he was the “Finest Man I ever knew.” White had nothing to do with it. Sounds like much the same is said about Sam “The Man.”

    Thank you Dr. Bailey for your Faithfulness to our Lord.

  2. Christian:Excelente post JP, concordo totalmente com a análise do caso Cutler.Para os torcedores dos 30 times que estão fora do superbowl e já estão falando em draft, essa semana rola o Senior Bowl. Vale a pena dar uma olhada nos melhores prospectos entre os Seniors.

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