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Yesterday I read an article about blogging. The article is by an author I read regularly. He says in order to be a successful blogger you have to focus your blog on what you are passionate about. The more you narrow your focus, the more you broaden your audience.

At least at this point, I am very fortunate. I have one passion, and I know only one area. Some authors have so much to write about they can go in many different directions. I only know one area. I don’t have to worry about focus. If I don’t write about Pastoral Leadership and Christian Living, I have nothing to say.

This became a painful realization for me several years ago when I received a gracious invitation to speak to a civic group about “something other” than religion. Once the presentation ended, I knew that I have nothing to say about anything other than faith in Christ!

So what’s the point?

Simply this. Beginning next Sunday, I will begin writing about a different passage of Scripture each Sunday. The Scripture and how it relates to my life and yours is my passion and focus. While I have a lot of interests, I am passionate about this one area.

This new subject for each Sunday is exciting to me. I really can’t wait. I want to take one verse or a particular passage of Scripture and do my best to help you see its meaning and relevance. If you are a new believer or someone who wants to go deeper with God, this feature will be for you.

I especially hope to help children and teens understand the Bible. If you have someone in your family who fits that description, please let them know about the blog. Like all of my blogs, I intend to write a brief article (300-500 words) to help kickstart your thoughts for the day.

Each Sunday we will look at a passage which I think every believer should know and understand or one which I want to know and understand. In either case, we will have the opportunity to learn together.

I have written the blog almost daily since last July. It’s been fun to watch the readership grow. Thank you for reading and commenting. You are a blessing to me.

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4 Responses

  1. Life is about Passion. It is the expression of Love. It is the Action of what it is to be alive. It is the all consuming Fire. People identify their passion very differently. Perhaps because I see things differently after Knowing Christ, viewing the variety of interests available to one in life, each can be improved by being incorporated, facilitated, excited by the Living Word. The relevance of the Living Word to every aspect is without parallel. Then, perhaps I think that way because: getting people who identify as Christian, to see the possibilities available to the Kingdom when each member of the Body does its part, is a fulfillment of God’s original and continual design around which all creation revolves. It raises us above the level of animals and other lower forms of life which “duke” it out for survival. It is the hope His People will understand we are on His Turf and under His Lordship; a Lordship which is not bound in time or space; there will be a point in existence when we will give an accountability and know our shame and the pain of lost possibilities, the “meat” of the Gospel, that drives me.

    Looking forward to your insights. Thank you for the last 27+ years.

  2. Waylon,
    I am thankful to God for your focus! You have our attention because of your focus. Someone recently told me “I liked you better the way that you used to be.” They were referring to a sad time when I wasn’t focused on God. I love them very much and pray they will choose faith in Christ-the One who is always faithful and never changes.
    Your blog is regularly shared and your new help for children and teens will be BROADCASTED far and wide! You and Martha are dearly loved and prayed for. Faith Forward>!

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