Our Trip To Israel–Day Two

Martha and I are really enjoying our trip to Israel. Based on the first three days of the entire trip, this may be the best trip we’ve experienced. We are blessed to have 45 wonderful people with us and a great guide and bus driver.

We were privileged today to get to go to the home of our bus driver in Cana of Galilee. He has a small restaurant attached to his home. He served us coffee, Easter cookies (with a great explanation of the significance of each), and baklava. We enjoyed the fellowship of the saints with this kind family. As a group, we prayed God’s blessings on this family who probably experiences a  large amount of persecution for their faith.

We spent the day driving from the Sharon Plain on the Mediterranean to Tiberias on the Sea of Galailee. Our first real stop took place at the Roman city of Caesarea, where Paul spent two years in prison and had the opportunity to share his testimony with Roman and Jewish officials and a large number of the people of Ceasarea.

Caesarea is also the home of the Gentile Cornelius, who came to faith in Christ by means of a vision (Acts 10). This is one of the most important events in the history of Christianity. God showed that he intended to take the Gospel to people of every tribe, language, and nation. No one would be excluded.

I hope you will read the chapter. God the Holy Spirit spoke both to Simon Peter and Cornelius. Each needed to change. Peter needed to learn that Gentiles could be saved. Cornelius needed to receive Christ by grace through faith. God gave each man a vision. What a great story of God’s work.

I can’t think of Ceasarea  without thinking of what happened in the history of the church through Paul, Peter, and Cornelius. What God did in Cornelius’ life led to our life of faith and opened the door to fellowshiping with the Christians of Cana of Galilee.

What a great God we serve!

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4 Responses

  1. Awesome article. Sounds like you are really having a great time. Praise the Lord. Can you put captions on each picture? I assume that the second picture was where Paul was kept as a prisoner.

  2. What a wonderful reminder of difficulties being resolved through the Power of the Holy Spirit. Is that the amphitheater in Caesarea by the Sea. If so, I found a Roman coin there in the sand. Everyone took turns to appreciate the acoustic engineering of the construction from center stage.

    I think you mentioned Herod’s Palace by the sea there. The shot looks like his pool. The City, port and palace is a good example of the rapid shift in elevation along a fault line.

    Isn’t that the aqueduct that was built by Herod and dedicated to Augustus? It may have carried fresh water to fill his pool. A good example of a self-serving sacrifice that demonstrated his ability to facilitate his position and understand authority as the World perceives it. Herod certainly had a fixation on his joys.

    I just had a conversation with a friend on the Joys of Life as a Christian. Glad you are living and sharing that JOY.

  3. since I did not get to go, glad you are sharing so much. Thanks and I know you all will enjoy. wish I was there.

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