Pentecost Sunday

In all my years in ministry and in the church, I have never celebrated Pentecost Sunday. This year I intend to do so. I hope you will join with me in observing this wonderful day when God sent His Spirit for the blessing of the church.

Pentecost occurred seven weeks after the Passover feast. Passover (March-April in our time frame) was the time that Jesus was crucified. Seven weeks later at the Feast of Pentecost the blessing of the Spirit came over the church. This year Pentecost Sunday will be next week, May 27.

What would an observance of Pentecost look like? Probably in a liturgical time of worship, it would look much different. I simply want the church (both local and universal) to seek God afresh. I intend to spend this week praying for God to bless my local church and the church universal with His presence and power. We are a people who need to know God and experience what He can do.

When God bestowed the Spirit on Pentecost Sunday originally, the church proclaimed the Gospel (in the miracle of the multitude of languages of the God-fearers assembled in Jerusalem), assembled for prayer and fellowship, and saw 3,000 people come to faith in Christ.

What should we ask for on this coming Pentecost Sunday (May 27)?

I will pray in this way.

First, I will pray for God to make Himself known to me and the church in a way deeper than ever before. To know God and to experience His presence is truly an awesome occurrence. I want to know God and enjoy His presence.

Second, I will pray for the repentance and life change which accompanied the first Christian Pentecost. When the people of the nations asked what they should do, Simon Peter told them to repent (renounce their sin) and be baptized. The church needs to renounce its sin. We are a sinful people in need of cleansing and a turning from our sinful ways.

Third, I will pray for the fruitfulness of the Holy Spirit. I will pray for precious souls to be saved. I will pray for many, many people to know and accept Jesus Christ.

Finally, I will pray for the obedience like that of the first Christian Pentecost. Those new believers followed Christ and changed the world. Should we expect anything less?

Please join me in a season of prayer for these great blessings from God.

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9 Responses

  1. The power of the Holy Spirit is given to all believers!….to minister, heal, and purposely set us apart to do the will of the Lord!~Amen

  2. Thanks for this post! Robert told me yesterday was an incredible celebration. God has been really stretching my belief in regard to the Holy Spirit. Personally I’m tired of trying to live the Gospel and I’m excited to surrender to the Spirit, hear from the Spirit, move with the Spirit, and enjoy the ride with the Spirit. He desires to do signs and wonders in our area. Praying for an unleashing upon First Covington!!!!

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