Are Your Pockets Full?

Yesterday, I traveled to Pineville, Louisiana, to attend a meeting of the trustees of Louisiana College. You probably aren’t very interested in the trustee meeting, but you will be very interested in what happened at the beginning of the meeting.

We met two sisters from China who are Christians and want to send their high school age children to school at Louisiana College. The college is beginning a high school primarily for just such students.

I was quite amazed to hear these women’s Christian testimony. They went to church in a 500 year old city with their grandparents. She described how poor they were. The whole village often lived on a cup of rice per person per day. Their grandparents taught them to be strong in their faith. They told them if that they were strong in their faith their faith would keep them alive.

They said that China is now a more prosperous nation. Now that their pockets are full she worries about empty hearts.

Both women want their children to come to Louisiana College because they sense the presence of God. The new director of the school is an American who has spent years in China. She described how difficult it is to find Christian fellowship in China and how anxious she is to experience the joy of the fellowship of believers.

What are you doing with full pockets? Have your full pockets produced empty hearts?

Isn’t this often the case? Our full stomachs empty  our hearts, and our plenty keeps us from really knowing God.  No wonder Jesus described how hard it is for a rich person to enter the kingdom of God.

Your life cannot be defined by the abundance of your possessions. Jesus told the parable of the Rich Fool who intended to build bigger barns to contain all his possessions. The words read literally that “this night your possessions are demanding your life.”

This is often the case with our possessions. Instead of our owning them, they own us. What should be a wonderful blessing becomes a curse.

What will you do with full pockets?

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  1. Ed Matthew
    May 31, 2012

    Having had plenty and little, I have been Blessed to better understand the Widow’s Mite lesson and your well made point. It is all God’s, has been the supported evidence of my life. Achan’s sin and the acts of Ananias have lessons attached.
    For those who have ears, let them hear.

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