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At strategic and important times, I report to the church where we are and where we hope to go. This is one of those times.

Beginning last November and especially this past January, First Baptist Church, Covington, Louisiana, has seen the powerful working of God. My hope and prayer is that this is happening in many churches.

In January, we spent 21 days praying for spiritual awakening. Many people, including me, have continued to pray for the Spirit of God to be at work in our church.

Over the past twelve months, we have had the largest Bible Fellowship attendance and worship attendance in the history of our church. We have seen many new families added to our fellowship. It has been a wonderful and exciting time. Since January 1, we have averaged 1291 in Bible Fellowship attendance with a high attendance of 1508 the last Sunday in January and a low of 1113 at Mardi Gras. For 12 of the 19 Sundays, the attendance exceeded the 1300 mark.

During the same time period, we have averaged 1960 in worship attendance. Each of the three Sunday morning services is approximately the same size–a very helpful and healthy occurrence.

We have also seen giving rise significantly during this time–allowing us to reach out in many ways to proclaim the Gospel.

All of these are gratifying accomplishments, but nothing is as exciting as seeing people come to faith in Christ. This is why we exist.

You probably know that our pastors prayed and asked God to give us 180 new converts for the year 2012–which would be a 50% increase in baptisms over our highest year ever. So far this calendar year we have seen 65 people profess their faith in Christ and request to join the church by baptism. We have received 101 for baptism since September 1, 2011. All we can do to make this happen is to pray and be faithful to help others know Christ. I am convinced that God will honor our prayer of faith.

Would you join with your church in giving, praying, witnessing, and faithfully attending? Doing so will honor God and encourage others.

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  1. Lord, Please touch the hearts of those who claim you as Lord to Know you as Lord; and Heal this land. Hear our Prayer O Lord, and let our cry come unto Thee! AMEN.

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