Practical Lessons For Living For Christ

Of all the areas in life we need to consider, living for Christ everyday fits near the top of the list.

How do we live for Christ on a daily basis? How do we get victory over sin?

Here are practical steps to winning the victory over sin in your life.

First, take one day at a time. We can usually do the things we need to do for today. Living one day at a time is one of the secrets of any goal we are trying to reach. Therefore, seek to live obediently for this day. As Jesus said, tomorrow will have its own set of worries and problems.

Second, set your goals at the beginning of the day. It’s very important to get off to a good start. I try to think about God as soon as I wake up. I’ve found that acknowledging God at the beginning of the day really does get me started on the right foot.

Third, pray and ask God to help you accomplish your goal. Why should you be trying to do this alone when you have access to the power of God?

Fourth, pray positively. This is a very important practical lesson. Emphasize what you want positively rather than what you don’t want. Keep your mind on the things above (right, Godly actions) rather than the things below (the sin that so easily besets us). As you pray, pray in the same positive manner.

Fifth, print out a verse that describes what you want to occur. For example, if you want to be kind, read, meditate on, and memorize verses such as Ephesians 4:32 and Galatians 5:22. Praying and meditating over these verses will help you deal with what you want to occur.

Fifth, practice the presence of God. I’ll write about this in detail one day soon. Until then, think about God in this way. He is everywhere. You cannot go anywhere that you are not in the presence of God (Psalm 139:7-12). As a Christian, Christ is in you, and you are in Christ (John 14:20, amazing isn’t it?).

As you drive, work, sit at your desk, consider that God is right there with you.

Finally, at the end of the day, assess your progress and ask God to help you with tomorrow.

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One Response

  1. Twas such a long week with my Sister’s vacation.
    While she was gone Mom hit every station.
    At the Wellness Center recumbent bike she road.
    Did pretty well, all-be-it a lighter load.

    Cards were played, but not as well.
    Hearts and Diamonds mixed in a run was a tell.
    With her hand laid down there was nothing else to say.
    I guess you’re going to bed a winner today!

    Do down to the Friday an extra long week.
    To meet at the hairdresser and little to speak,
    An email was sent of the weekly event.
    In hopes the Chiropractor could get out my dent.

    But, no, she said, no email was read,
    So tell me right now the details instead.
    Twenty minutes later I scramble to the car.
    From Lakeside to Algiers a five o’clock far.

    The distance I traveled from five thirty to six.
    Are you coming? The office called, now what a fix.
    Just made the turn, at your door in a jiffy.
    Come right in, never sounded so spiffy.
    Your back’s out of line
    The adjustment was fine.
    Ice is the price for this recovery check.
    To keep down the swelling and spreading heck.

    Hardly could walk getting out of the car.
    Peas and carrots from the freezer, not in a jar.
    Double duty they did as they found the right place.
    Outside and inside administered God’s Grace.

    The Birthday, The Birthday, I must be prepared.
    To show my fun is to show I care.
    After working all morning the day was now free,
    To spend with my Wife, children, grandchildren and me.

    The dinner was great, the games were a riot.
    Laughter’s not fattening and good for my diet.
    Best were the prayers and cards from my Loves.
    Lessons of life for His little doves.

    Now Sunday was Church and ice once again.
    Then Monday starts early for work to begin.
    Trailer loaded to the south shore Museum.
    My work will never finish His Dream.

    Mechanic calls, the clip I forgot,
    Your brakes may fail and no light have you got.
    The ethanol gas has collapsed my gas line
    And to finish the cleaning, I may not have time.

    The A/C blew hot air so to my friend I did go.
    You’ll have to leave it, I’m busy you know.
    I bought a new gas line and fixed in a flash.
    Another call from the mechanic all in a rash.

    Liability’s liability and friend is a friend.
    Fix his own problem is the best way to mend.
    The A/C was ready, also fixed in a flash.
    A wire was off the contact under the dash.

    And just when I’m lined up for the meat of the day,
    From my sister more issues, Lord what shall I say.
    The Doctor will call and soon it’ll be clear.
    The path will unfold, be of good cheer.

    And then come the plea, she’s in need of help.
    Sick and tired and hurt from a whelp.
    Against the wall with Mom did she fall.
    And now running fever, can’t do it all.

    Up went the tools as the rain it did pour.
    Just in time for the sitter to meet me at the door.
    My back brace in place I entered within
    To find Mother cold, drawn looking thin.

    With her paints at her knees and clutching a pillow,
    Within me His Spirit bent like a willow.
    With smiles and hugs, of course we can go.
    Why am I bent over? Now you Know.

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