Doing The Important First

Remember when technology promised to make our lives easier? Remember how we were supposed to have time for the important parts of life while having more leisure as well? Has that been the case with you or are you more rushed than ever before?

We all need more time and we all need to deal with the important parts of life. God, family, ministry all cry out for the place they truly deserve in our lives? How do we put them where they belong?

You may remember the story Stephen Covey popularized in his book Seven Habits of Highly Successful People.  (BTW, Stephen Covey passed away this week at age 77).

The story is of a professor who stands before the class with a large jar and some rocks. He places the rocks to the top of the jar and asks: “Is it full?” The class responds “yes” and the professor pours pebbles in the jar. He asks again, “Is it full?” At this point, they are catching on and say, “probably not.”

Then, the professor adds sand and then a pitcher of water.

The professor asks: “What is the lesson?” They answer, “You can always get a little more done,” or “Use little bits of time.” “No, no,” he replies. “The lesson is that you have to put in the rocks first or there won’t be any room.”

The lesson for us is you must plan to do the important parts of life first. You will never have time for your spouse, your children, or God if you don’t make deliberate decisions to do so.

You have to put the rocks in first.

For most people, the lesson is to choose your priorities, but for Christians the lesson is to follow God’s priorities.

As we get ready for the beginning of the school year, would you renew your commitment to God and commit yourself anew to place Him on the throne of your life?

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