Overcoming Your Barriers

What barriers are holding you back? Which barriers do you have to overcome?

Of all the issues of life, this might be near the top of the list. Here’s the reason why: almost all of my problems are MY problems. Though we delight in blaming others, most of the issues of life can be dealt with by dealing with our own issues.

This is why our new sermon series is so vital. The Book of Acts is about breaking down barriers. It is about taking the turning points of life and making the most of them.

Much of what will happen to you in the future depends on how you handle your turning points.

That is exactly what happened to the early church. The Book of Acts is such an exciting and encouraging book because the early church depended on God and followed the leading of the Holy Spirit. You do not find Peter, James, John, or Paul blaming the Roman Empire for their troubles. They seized the opportunity to proclaim the Gospel and took the message of Christ to the nations.

We can do the same. The fact that the world and even America does not reflect Christ is our opportunity. We must make the most of every opportunity, “making the most of the time, because the days are evil” (Ephesians 5:15).

Please join with me in reading through Acts and looking for those places where the work of the Holy Spirit broke down barriers to the Gospel and provided for strategic turning points.

The sermons will look at the major turning points in the Gospel message.

We begin this weekend with the Ascension of Jesus in Acts 1 and will conclude the last sermon on October 7 as we look at Acts 16.

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2 Responses

  1. How exciting!!!

    I made reference to the Example of Romans 12: 4-6 description of the Body/Bride of Christ yesterday in last weeks sermon out of Mark 2: 1-12. May the Holy Spirit be our lens in this look at the Books of Mark and Acts as the record applies to the responsibility of the “Corpus.” In the Holman translation of Mark 2:1 we see that Jesus was “at home.” I see the people flocked to Him (my words). “That there was no more room, even near the door, and He was speaking the message to them. Then, they came to Him bring a paralytic, carried by four men.”

    From the paralytic’s perspective: he had a problem. From the sermon example last week a few suggestions were made regarding what it took these four men to bring this paralytic to Jesus. I ask in the context of Romans 12: 4-6. Whose problem was it? Who solved the problem? And Why? Pealing back the layers, as in an onion, may bring tears.

    Perhaps one of the things I will know, when the glass darkly business is behind us, is the difference the paralytic made to the Kingdom after he was restored. I am thankful for the example then and the life examples presented from your pulpit last Sunday illustrating the work of the “Corpus,” Body/Bride, of our Lord and Savior equipped with His Holy Spirit to Glorify the Father in our choices to utilize “the Grace that is given to us.”

    Perhaps the reason RC (experienced the intro last Tuesday) is working so well is because what is intended by those Roman 12 verses for His Bride is being exercised. I am thankful for what I witnessed at FBCC where nearly everyone celebrated helping another on the road to resolving their “my problem” issue.

    Thank you!

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