What Makes Great Churches?

No one can dispute the importance of the early church. The church, though small and under intense persecution, set the stage for reaching the Roman Empire with the Gospel.

What makes for a great church? What did the early church do that made such a difference?

When you look at the Book of Acts, several qualities stand out.

First, they knew who they were and what they were called to do. They were followers of Jesus who were called to proclaim the Gospel. Unlike today when the church doesn’t always seem to know why it exists, the church of the Book of Acts knew they were to be witnesses of the resurrection in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and to the ends of the earth. Acts shows how they carried out that commission.

Second, they depended on the Holy Spirit. Jesus told them to wait in Jerusalem until the Holy Spirit had been given to them. They did that and never looked back. They experienced the Spirit’s power and saw God working through them.

How different from a church trying to accomplish in its own power. Let the church depend on the work of God’s Spirit and we will see more great churches.

Third, they were united. The Bible says repeatedly they were people of “one accord.” They had a common purpose and a common fellowship. They cared deeply for one another and worked to heal inevitable rifts in fellowship.

Finally, (but not of least importance) they were people of prayer. They prayed fervently and in the knowledge God could and would do as they prayed.

All of these are areas where we must place emphasis. As we do so we will see God at work carrying out His purpose to create for Himself a people.

May God bless His church!

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  1. fematthew
    Aug 06, 2012

    Seek The Will of The Father in Prayer and Deed…

    Thank you!

    One Mind, HIS.


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