Paul Ryan, Obesity, And The Word of God

Tuesday morning’s USAToday contained adjacent articles about Paul Ryan and obesity. To say the least, Paul Ryan is not obese. In fact, it’s just the opposite.

Unfortunately, America is obese and seemingly becoming more so with each day. In the past, I have posted articles about our need to bc more active. You can read that here. I also have written about how caring for your body matters to God. You can read that by clicking here.

I was amazed at the juxtaposition of the two articles, obviously placed together for just the impact it had on me.

The first article had to do with Paul Ryan, the congressman from Wisconsin and new vice-presidential candidate on the Republican presidential ticket.

Paul Ryan works at being in top physical condition, partly as a result of his father’s and grandfather’s untimely deaths. Each morning Mr. Ryan gets up before dawn to workout. He follows one of the most demanding workouts imaginable–something called P90X. The X stands for “extreme.”

As a result of this discipline–a combination of regular, intense exercise and proper nutrition, Paul Ryan has a body fat composition of 6-8%. That body fat percentage would make an Olympic athlete pleased and possibly envious. Normal body fat for men is in the teens and for women in the 20s.

Obviously, Paul Ryan is a good example for the American people.

The adjacent article is not good news for America. In America, 36% of adults are obese. Obesity is “a major health problem that translates into higher health costs and poorer quality of life.” If you are obese, you are much more likely to have heart disease, type-2 diabetes, and cancer. Fortunately, all of these diseases can be lessened by cutting out some of our fat and sugar and by a more active lifestyle.

Where are people most overweight in America? Right where I live. Mississippi has the highest percentage of obese adults. Louisiana is second and Alabama fourth (West Virginia is third).

I have a suggestion to make.

First, take all of this seriously. You don’t have to follow Paul Ryan’s example, although that would be a good example. At any rate, look seriously at your diet and exercise.

Second, ask God to help you “shape up” for His glory and for your health.

Third, begin a simple regimen of increased activity and better nutrition. You don’t have to do everything, but we all need to do something. And, we all need to start now.

Finally, seek to do everything contained in the Word of God in order that we might be completely obedient to God.

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3 Responses

  1. The Body/Bride of Christ is intended to be an accountability group that facilitates acts of Glorification to the Father of Lights in whom there is no darkness or variation.

    Therefore, Fifthly (may I suggest), develop a support/accountability group of people who understand your physical limitations and dietary restrictions. We tend to not realize the cause and effect. Some issues, as presented, are as simple as you presented Dr. Bailey; but many are not! The fact is, most are not aware and many more are unaware and not financially able to maintain, let alone build, a paid support group. Whatever the need, it is incredibly difficult to find gifted/talented people who are willing to prayerfully be involved with something that is not bringing them material immediate gratification. No one wants to be perceived as a needy tar baby. Asking the first time for help is hard enough.

    No wonder secular movements continue to gain momentum in society. They simply fill a need the model God designed refuses to fill.

    Great points Dr. Bailey! Each body is a temple of the Holy Spirit which was bought with a price. It was not designed to go it alone. It already has the Spirit grieved, suffering alone within for fellowship it hasn’t found in the local “church.” Celebrate Recovery is a mission of FBCC. Thanks be to God!

  2. I am proud our pastor (and his precious Martha) is disciplined enough to say no to fatty foods. You are a good example for us. Now I need to take heed.

  3. Indeed, Dr. Bailey has set a good example as he preached about the effects of “comfort food” and the individual’s responsibility to be a “Good Steward” of the manifold Grace of God entrusted to His. Then he put action to the message; the message has feet. (Reference the whole armor of God.)

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