Solid Ways To Tackle Difficult Problems

The Book of Acts shows how God broke down barriers to the Gospel by the power of the Holy Spirit.

One of those barriers occurs to each of us. How do you tackle difficult problems? People naturally disagree. We see problems in different ways. How do we handle the difficult issues of life?

The church in Jerusalem handled a “feeling” problem by looking to God and looking to one another (Acts 6:1-7). The hellenistic Jews “felt” that their widows were not being cared for by the church. The church came together to solve the problem.

How can we solve problems such as this?

First, listen attentively to the needs of other people. We have a tendency not to really listen. Instead of listening, we are formulating our reply or possibly we have become defensive about the situation.

The Jerusalem church listened and responded to the needs of the hellenists. Would your situation be enhanced if you really spoke your feelings and listened to the feelings of others? I am amazed at how many husbands and wives have never talked through their issues. It’s imperative that we really listen to one another.

Second, see what you can change to make the matter better. The apostles heard the need and immediately sought a way to make things different. They found a way to change the situation which seems to have worked for everyone. Maybe your issues could be dealt with in the same way.

Third, look for a “win-win” solution. Problems are solved when everyone is blessed and feels loved. If one person wins and the other loses, the problem may be made worse.

Fourth, respond magnanimously. If you are proven to be correct, be gracious. You will have made a friend and you may head off other problems. We all want to work with reasonable and kind people. Remember that a soft answer turns away wrath.

Fifth, examine your own heart to see if you can respond differently to help solve the problem.

Finally, truly take your problem to God. Explain it to Him and ask Him to impress the solution on your heart.

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5 Responses

  1. Very good points. But remember, or at least factor in, the fact that it is usually easier to apply such points when it is only you or at least only your interests that are represented in a problem. That is when it is “my problem.” When the interest of others are represented the paradigm changes. If both sides of an issue believe they are representing the interest of others before themselves it is even more of a paradigm shift. One would hope issues could be boiled down to simplistic terms of ethics. One would hope that People who say Jesus is Lord would see, as you prescribe. One would hope…

    1. Dealing with other people, especially those who are not seeking God daily, is always a daunting task.
      The biblical writers recognized the problem. For example, Paul told the Roman believers to live peaceable will all “as much as it depended on them.” Relationships are difficult. That’s why God gives us so much guidance.

  2. Great and Simple Message…..
    First, “….. take your problem to God. Explain it to Him and ask Him to impress the solution on your heart.”
    Keeping my eyes on Jesus and things above,
    No matter ……
    Win-win problem solving is accomplished with the power of the Holy Spirit, by intentional ‘invitation’ and obedience to bear with others and to love others(“…reasonable and kind people”).
    Without the power of the Holy Spirit mean spirited people can be very mean; causing more division.
    May God Bless the hearts of mean spirited people and draw them near to Him.
    May God Bless the Hearts of anyone struggling with conflict (even with mean spirited, un-loving humans, ….. do not loose heart) to ‘invite’ our Counselor to be present and center among you/us as we problem solve with Him. We cannot control the actions of others; but we can BE at peace in the presence of the Lord.
    Again, “Finally, truly take your problem to God. Explain it to Him and ask Him to impress the solution on your heart.”
    ….. listen.

    “Wait on the Lord, BE of good courage, And He shall strengthen your heart;
    ….. Wait, I say on the Lord!” (Psalm 27:11-14)
    Galatians 6
    Romans 8:38,39

    Jumping out of the boat and STANDING on His Word in Faith cannot be less exciting than bungie-jumping!
    In His Grace.


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