Waiting On Isaac

Thanks to all of you who have prayed for us during this time of preparing and waiting for Isaac.

You are blessing many people you do not know and possibly praying for a place you have never visited. Thank you for bearing the burdens of others.

This is where we stand.

We are still waiting for Isaac. In fact, we’ve not even had any rain yet. Isaac is certainly a slow mover.

The slowness of the movement is one of the dangers. When it finally arrives, we will have upwards of 48 hours of wind and rain. The intensity of the storm may not be as much of a problem as the length of the storm.

Yesterday, I attended a meeting of our parish president and our emergency operations director. They emphasized the kind of damage that can come from 48 hours of 60 mph wind. That seems to be what we are facing.

Here’s what makes this storm hard for us.

First, it’s hard to wait. We’re all prepared and ready to get it over with. Most of us don’t like to wait. No wonder God told us to be still and wait on God. How many bad–even sinful–decisions are made by people who refuse to wait on God and depend on His word? Please pray we will make good decisions in the midst of this storm. Please click here to see other ways you can pray for us.

I want to get the storm over because Sunday’s coming and the longer the storm takes the more disruption we have for this weekend of worship. How’s that for a pastor’s point of view?

Yesterday, as I prepared our piece of property I remember how many trees we lost and how long it took after Hurricane Katrina to come close to restoring our house and yard. Please pray for our patience.

Second. it’s simply hard to trust and depend on God. This is part of our sinful nature. We want to trust ourselves rather than trust God.

In whatever storms we are going through, we need to acknowledge God to direct our paths.

Thank you for your prayers. Please continue to pray for the people around you as you bear one another’s burdens and fulfill the law of Christ (Galatians 6:2).

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7 Responses

  1. Just left Todd near Folsom. His mom has diabetes and recently broke her foot. Todd’s Dad died a few years ago. James was a few years my senior. James had Parkinson’s disease. Todd left his business and a home in East Texas which was nearly paid for to come home with his wife and children to help take care of his Dad. Todd was sharing the memory of Katrina armed with nothing but a 14 inch chain saw he had picked up from Good Will and an old pick up truck, both were barely running; he cleared the trees of a quarter mile section of lane to get out to the highway. He said he never sharpened the chain the whole time and the truck which could hardly climb a grade was pulling big old trees off to the side. No one came to help them. (At least not until I showed up.) But he knew God was with him keeping the chain sharp & the truck running as He gave him strength. God is still in the Miracle business. Yes, He is even in the dry air propelled by the prayers of Saints.

    Todd was clearing a space out in his van to he could be close to his mother during the storm. When you get into your late forties and beyond, starting over is something else again in this brave new world.

  2. With God, always blessings never losses. WI already has sent Red Cross as of yesterday to LA. Our prayer chain continues and will never be broken!!!

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