It’s Time To Pray For America

“It’s the most important election in our lifetime.” I’ve heard the four men running for president and vice-president make this statement. I’ve also heard many, many voters make the same statement.

What makes this election so important? Several things stand out to me. On domestic policy, religious freedom seems to be at a crossroads. If America crosses this line, we likely will never see it restored. The ramifications of this issue will affect every American, and it will determine how we are allowed to practice and share our faith.

In the areas of domestic politics, this election pits two very different views on abortion and same sex marriage. The election will probably be seen as a referendum on these grave moral subjects.

In foreign policy, obviously the issue of terrorism is again at the forefront. We also have the issue of support for Israel and the problems associated with Iran and nuclear weapons.

This will be a pivotal election. It is time for Christians to be salt and light. It is time to vote, and it is time to pray.

Will you join with me in 40 days of prayer prior to the election? The North America Mission Board and the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention have prepared a non-partisan prayer guide for our use. You can download it and use it daily. This is the link where you can get the guide and also read a different article about the forty days of prayer. I prefer this prayer guide because it uses Scripture and gives specific needs to pray for.

If you wish, you can follow the guide given by Max Lucado. He uses the acronym USA. He says:  Ask God to Unite us, ask God to Strengthen us, and ask God to anoint our next president.

The important thing is for us to pray and implore God for His blessings. We are a needy people. We need God to be our God. We need His leadership and His blessings.

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  1. Ed Matthew
    Sep 22, 2012

    May we pray Lord according to Thy Will. AMEN.

  2. Robert Lyster
    Sep 22, 2012

    I first conciously voted pro life in 1976, Jimmy Carter, and have made that my priority ever since. That has to be one of out priorities. And incidentally, don’t argue about the bogus issues of rape, incest and the life of the mother. If we could outlaw all other abortions, we could close down every abortion clinic in America because those incidents result so rarely that we major on the minor. Once we get the other abortions outlawed, then we can concern ourselves wit those cases.

  3. Clayton Owen
    Sep 22, 2012

    We still have people who were alive during WW2 so I’d say those elections were a little more important, and the elections in the 60’s due to Civil Rights had a far greater ‘real’ impact on many lives, even Reagan’s elections in the 80’s with his impact in ending the Cold War seems greater. This election seems to be more a battle of ‘ideas’ an with our country so divided by party don’t know that either can do a lot. If Romney debates well he may pull out a victory, but it should have been an easy yr for a Repub victory if the party could have gotten someone that more could hace connected with, if more believed he understood the Middle Class, if more felt he could be trusted. He may pull it out and I’ll say with our $ issues, with healthcare it’s a very interesting election ideology wise, but don’t think importance wise rates with Civil Rights/Vietnam or 80’s Cold War importance and for old, old folks to 40, 44 or post war 48-just my fallible opinion.

  4. Jean Galbraith
    Sep 22, 2012

    I want to agree with Clayton Owen that his opinion is fallible! I was alive during WW2 and the political climate was nothing like the one in the country today.
    I really believe that the country as a whole had their face turned to God back then. WE NEED TO TURN BACK TO HIM TODAY.
    I agree that this is the single most important election in my lifetime.

  5. Clayton Owen
    Sep 22, 2012

    If the whole country had its face turned to God back then- why were black Americans allowed to be treated as they were-kind of a big blind spot? The great travisity today is so many in the church today are looking to Washington to turn things around. If the church would focus on doing what God has called us to do it matters not who is in the White House–as evidenced by the Gospel spreading in such countries as China, Vietnam, N Korea. Quite frankly we overblow how bad things are in this country–8% unemployment when countries have 40-60%, no access to any medical care, millions of orphans with little or no support, little access to even clean water–we often lose perspective of what bad and crisis is in this country. We are definitely guilty of the sin of abortion and hoarding in this country and we’ll reap consequences of this if we don’t change–but church people need to be look in and up–sharing our faith and showing our faith by loving and serving others. Whether we elect a career, liberal politician or an eccentric, historically moderate but relabeled conservative candidate little will change unless the church embraces what God has put us here to do.

  6. The Millers
    Sep 22, 2012

    Our family will pray for forty days.

  7. Clayton Owen
    Sep 22, 2012

    I will pray for 40 days and would love to get your blog-good stuff

    • Waylon
      Sep 22, 2012

      Thanks for praying and thanks for your subscription and comments.

  8. Marlaine Peachey
    Sep 24, 2012

    Waylon: Last night I felt like God put on my heart to fast and pray from now until the election and to tell you why don’t we ask people to do this, since it is so pivotal. Before I could email you, it looks like you already got the message! I will email as many people as I can to do so. I didn’t know about anyone else having a plan but I am so happy to hear it. Thanks and I’m with you on this.

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