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In my responsibility as President of the Louisiana Baptist Convention, I spent Tuesday in Alexandria, Louisiana, for the meeting of the Executive Board of the convention. The Executive Board has the responsibility for making convention decisions between the convention’s annual meetings. The next annual meeting will be November 12-13, 2012, in West Monroe, Louisiana.

The Executive Board meeting this past Tuesday contained business and reports. It was during the time of reports that I noted several items you need to know. Our church was mentioned several times for our seeking to minister in various ways.

The first item had to do with the response of Southern Baptists and Louisiana Baptists to Hurricane Isaac. First Baptist Church was one of the prime locations for Disaster Relief for the Southern Baptist Convention. You have noted that we served as host for the various groups who have come to provide support to the people who have suffered from the hurricane.

From our location, Southern Baptists set up a feeding unit, a shower and laundry unit, as well as multiple chainsaw and “mud out” units. These groups have ministered in the name of Christ by providing help to homeowners and many others.

We have been privileged to host these teams by providing daily meals and a place to stay. This is the first time the ROC addition has been used in this way. We specifically built The ROC addition to provide showers and sleeping accommodations for just such relief.

You may also know we host the Granberry Counseling Center on our campus. Granberry provides counseling to our community. We are thankful for having Christian counselors to bless our area. The counseling is fee based but it seeks to reach out to all who have needs. Fred Selby is the lead counselor for our area. The Granberry Counseling Center is a ministry of the Louisiana Baptist Children’s Home.

We are blessed to join others (like Louisiana Baptists and the Northshore Baptist Association) to do the work of ministry. We certainly are able to serve better by joining together for ministry.

Thank you for your commitment to make a Godly difference.

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2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the word. And the Northshore shower and laundry units continue to work having shifted to the west where they are based at Woodland Baptist Church in Livingston Parish near the entrance to Tickfaw State Park. Your church and your 90+ sister congregations make it possible for our Northshore Baptist Association to work situations like Isaac relief and recovery from Slidell to Holden and across the lakes as far as lower Plaguemines Parish. In fact, our Northshore units have helped folks recover from ice storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, and other tragic situations (hay relief in Texas? Yes!), across the entire United States. We could not do it without your support. Thank you and the entire Body of Christ at FBC, Covington.

    Lonnie Wascom, Director of Missions and Ministries, Northshore Baptist Association.

  2. Reading your post this morning is the Balm of Gilead to my soul. After experiencing so many years of Baptists in retreat, becoming isolationists, reducing their exposure to the lost, it is a Blessing to see ministry facilitated.

    As I am reminded of lines in a Play, “Flurry” written and produced by NLC School teachers and students last year. “Everyone has to make their own choices in life, Annabelle. Some won’t believe you. But maybe enough will (know the Truth) that the winds will die down, the fog will clear, and the messages will come again.” …”Doubts will always come but remember… Doubt is no match for Truth.”


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