What A Daily Time With God Does

A daily time with God is absolutely essential. How could it be otherwise?

Can you imagine Paul without prayer and emphasis on the Scripture (for him it was the Old Testament)? Jesus spent significant time alone with God. The Garden of Gethsemane reflects who He was. When large decisions came, He spent time with the Father. When He mourned the death of John the Baptist, He spent time alone with God. If our Lord and His greatest apostle needed time with God, what does that say about you and me?

A time alone with God is called many things. Some call it a quiet time while others speak of a devotional time. Neither is biblical language but both reflect the need we have for God.

The time you choose to spend with God probably should reflect your own personality and your life situation. For me, I need to start the day with God. If I have started the day with God, I generally know that it will end well.

What should you expect from spending time with God?

First, you should expect to grow closer to God and more like Him. As you spend time in Scripture and intimate time in prayer, you will naturally become like Him. A young person will become like those who lead him/her. The young person will pick up mannerisms and ways of doing things. That’s what we want to happen as we spend time with God. We want to become like Him, reacting as He does and making the kinds of decisions He makes.

Second, you should expect strength for the day. I often pray to be strong and courageous (Joshua 1:9). When I start the day with God, I feel I am ready for whatever presents itself.

Third, you should expect to receive guidance for important decisions. Jesus prayed for God’s will in the garden. We should as well.

Finally, you should expect to grow in holiness and right living. 

A relationship with God can’t be quantified; it can only be experienced. As you spend time with God, you will experience blessings which cannot be uttered.

I urge you to discipline yourself to find that special time and special space to meet God and enjoy His presence.

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5 Responses

  1. Thank you. My daily time with God includes reading your post and it helps guide my in making the most of the time time I spend with Him.

  2. AMEN. Thank you.
    It is said, a ship without a destination port has no favorable winds.
    When ones ship is scuttled one looks for rescue. Pirates avail themselves.
    Thank you Lord for the opportunity to have been a rescuer for many.

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