Qualities Of A Godly Family

We all want our families to do well and to thrive. We also want God’s favor and blessing. What are the qualities we should possess and promote? What are the common denominators of a family that pleases God?

Yesterday I had the joy of preaching about the family of Joseph and Mary. My study enlightened me about this young couple and their devotion to God. What was it about this young man and woman?

First, they had an uncommon commitment to please God and to carry out His will. Both Joseph and Mary sought to follow and obey God. They were very young, and they were very obedient. God uses people like this to accomplish His purpose.

We have said many times “it is not our ability that matters to God as much as our availability.” God doesn’t need our talents; He demands our obedience. God can make the blind see and deaf hear. God uses simple people in amazing ways because of their obedience and openness to God.

Second, this family showed strength of character. Joseph took on Herod the Great and the Roman Army–and prevailed! Mary handled everything that would have been said about her. These were strong people. No wonder God chose this couple to raise the Son of God.

Third, Godly families are consistent. They showed consistency of belief and behavior. What they believed in public, they practiced in private. Consistency is a hallmark of strong families. They do what they should and don’t waver from it. Joseph and Mary showed these characteristics.

I believe that rebellion in teenagers comes most often at this point. Teenagers cannot handle parents who are pious in public and disobedient in private. Parents who practice religion to be seen of others make faith difficult for their children.

To correct this we must confess our failings to God and ask Him to bring change in our lives. It’s the only way. God will bring change when we seek Him with all our heart.

Fourth, Godly families love unconditionally. They stay together in spite of the circumstances and choose love as their default reaction. They are not always pleased with events and actions, but they care deeply for one another. They live out their faith in action both within and without the family.

May God bless your family as you seek to live for Him.

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2 Responses

  1. Thank you Dr. Bailey for this timely message. We can’t control the actions of others, only our own actions. When others define their family differently, we can only hold our understanding up to God for His direction. Family Businesses can be either more complicated or extremely simplified. The members get to choose. As for me and my house we shall serve the Lord, has always been my stand. When other members say the same thing as they go a different way it gets complicated on a social basis. I can only conclude it can be avoided if God’s Standards is a decision basis only with Scripture in context; and the fruit of the Holy Spirit (AGAPE) is employed.

    When such divisions occur the talents of the Body will face the issue or flee and the same issues teenagers face, as addressed in your blog, are rationalized in the flesh of “good church goers.” Nice, fine people, usually well-to-do who think of church as their social obligation and their private business. How does the Light shine in such darkness if His people each turn everyone to their own way? Romans 12:5 answers this for me. The destruction of the Temple each time are the proofs.

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