Which Would You Choose?

If you had the choice of living in a new house and a new neighborhood, would you try to find a “good” neighborhood rather than a “bad” one? Would you want to live next to kind, caring, considerate neighbors or brawling, angry, inconsiderate ones?

Since we all know the answer to those questions, let me encourage you to apply that mentality to all of your life. Would you choose a life of disorder and every evil practice or one of purity, joy, and peace?

This is exactly the choice God gives us.

When we make choices according to our own wisdom–the wisdom that is earthly, natural, and demonic–we will get what our natural wisdom can produce. When we make choices according to God’s wisdom, we get what God’s wisdom can produce.

Our natural wisdom keeps us from having the great things of life; Godly wisdom keeps us from having the worst things of life.

Our natural decision making leads to envy and selfish ambitions. The end result is disorder and every kind of evil.

Godly wisdom is “pure, then peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy, and good fruit, impartial and sincere” (James 3:17). It leads to peace and righteousness.

Which will you choose?

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One Response

  1. Good Morning. Thoughts worthy of consideration.

    May I ask you, When God leads you into a bad neighborhood, should you run away to fulfill the desires of the flesh?

    Having witnesses makes a difference. The Disciples were the Witnesses who stood, except at the end with Christ. And then, they each found a new end to stand with Him, and often alone, to some observers. Seems little has changed. Jefferson Parish Museum has the life stories of some who stood until they could stand no more, and were taken.

    Perhaps our Lord has allowed me to pour my life into so many Ministries of Southern Baptists or be there at their end, to prepare me for this day. Or perhaps to prepare those who read this who wonder how we got here as a society. Thank you Joy & Brenda. Yes, Dr. Bailey we get to choose Romans 12:21 and James 3:17. Just as we get to choose Romans 12:5.

    The Book of James, especially 3:17, was written on how the family of God is to treat one another, to overcome the world and reach the lost with a ‘life style’ within a living ‘debate’ of ‘life styles.’ It also may be written to define for each of us the second most important question, who is your ‘family/Church.’

    Yes, sin is a process. Tolerate the small together and the large will swallow each, until all are gone. Shuma, Shuma vah Israel …

    Interesting. Great message, “Thanks!”


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