Changing Your Family Culture

Can a family’s trajectory be changed? Is it possible to make your family vastly different?

The answer is both “yes” and “no.” If you continue everything as it is now, you will continue life as it is. If you make Godly changes, your family has the potential to be vastly different.

In counseling, it’s called family system. Each family has a system that determines what each member is going to do and even how each member will turn out.

Can that system be changed? The presence of counselors obviously points to the possibility of change.

The power of the Gospel points to an even greater possibility.

As you consider the needs of your family, let me give you an example.

My friend Brian Harbour gave this story.

Most of us know that Australia was populated by freed prisoners.

Alan Walker was a minister who was a descendant of two of those prisoners. This is the way he told his story.

Alan Walker’s forebearers were convicts who had a sexual encounter. From their union came a son named John Walker. At age 26 in 1810, John Walker heard the gospel and received the Lord Jesus as his Lord and Savior. Knowing Christ set him free in every way, particularly from the alcohol that enslaved him. He began to preach the life-changing power of Christ.

Fast forward to Alan Walker. Alan was an Australian Methodist who served as director of evangelism for the World Methodist Council. He shared the gospel in many countries of the world. He died in 2003 at age 91.

Alan Walker reported, “I am the thirteenth . . . minister who has come from the conversion of John Walker. Our two sons are also ministers. Therefore, fifteen ministers of the gospel have come from the conversion of one illegitimate son of two convicts.”

John Walker’s life change changed generations to come.

When we turn our lives in totality to Jesus, He can change the direction of our families.

We simply must be willing to let Him have our lives and seek the changes He wishes to make. You can be the catalyst that changes your family. Families have tremendous needs. One person depending on God can make the difference in attitudes and behaviors.

All of our families need the touch of the Master’s hand. Are you ready to let Him touch you?

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3 Responses

  1. All things are possible with God! You are the second person God used today to remind me of this. Thank you.

  2. You have picked and interesting subject and example to make your point. Perhaps another view is that when you are at the bottom of the barrel of life, there is no other way than up.

    Much has been said and studied regarding the genetic predisposition and the acquired behavior of individuals.

    With God all things that are within the will of God are possible. Perhaps it should be a guarded phrase and prayer. So, as always, the words that represent the sentiment have boundaries in their context.

    Romans 12:5 likely has much if not everything to do with the successes you noted.


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