Happy Birthday Covington!

On July 4th, the city of Covington will be 200 years old. Congratulations to Mayor Cooper and the city fathers for a beautiful city and a great celebration.

Covington is a unique place to live. After all, how many places in the whole country are two hundred years old?

Martha and I were downtown last Friday morning and noted what a beautiful and quaint place to live and shop.

Compared to the city of Covington, First Baptist Church Covington is a johnny come lately to this area. Our church was founded in 1904. From 1906 to 2001, we worshiped on the corner of Jefferson and 23rd Street in the downtown area. In 2001 we moved to our present 43 acre location on the southern edge of the city.

It shows the nature of our area to realize no baptist church existed in Covington until the city was almost 100 years old.

I am thankful to be part of this city and this area. May God bless our service to our city and region.

It’s interesting that the time we celebrate the birth of the city, we at FBC also are hosting groups who are serving the city and the region. While World Changers meet in Covington, we also have a mission team taking our DNA to Bogota, Columbia, and our children’s ministry is at camp in Mississippi.

I hope you will take in some of the activities in Covington. One of the highlights will be a prayer breakfast for the city Tuesday morning at St. Paul’s. Tickets are still available.

July 4th, the birthday of the city, will be filled with events and festivities in the downtown area.

Happy Birthday Covington!. May “God shed His grace on thee” and the entire region.

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