What Our Government Needs

We shouldn’t be amazed that God does all things well, but still I find myself often astounded at the practical nature of the Scripture and how it speaks to the issues of our day.

On this Fourth of July week, it is good to reflect about the place of government in the world. Scripture gives us a number of examples of the place of government and our response to authority.

First, our government needs to be prayed over. Through the years I have gone to various leaders to let them know I would be praying for them. During those conversations I also told them many others would pray for them as well.

The reactions were varied: some appreciated  any help, human or divine, while others acted offended that I thought they would need help. In any case, I continued to pray.

Those in government do need help. Many like to please people and it’s simply impossible to please everyone.

God tells us to pray for those in authority (1 Timothy 2:1-2). Their thoughtful and beneficent governing is a blessing to us and to many others. Our government needs to be covered in prayer.

Second, our government needs respect and appreciation. Paul told us to give respect to those in authority (Romans 13:7). Governments have been ordained to provide a safe and orderly world. We should appreciate those who give their very best to let us live quiet and peaceful lives (Romans 13:1-6; 1 Timothy 2:1-2).

Third, our government needs to understand its role and its limits. Since governments are ordained of God, they naturally have a responsibility to be a blessing to people. Justice, mercy, kindness, and respect should be large components of government.

Government cannot do everything; nor should it attempt to do everything. It should seek the common good and work to provide a framework where free people can worship, work, and raise families in joy and peace. Instead of over-

regulating people, it should seek to set people free. Jesus condemned the pharisees because they burdened people with laws. Jesus told His followers His yoke would be easy and His burden light (Matthew 11: 28-29).

Finally, our government needs God’s leadership and blessing. Paul said that leaders and governments have been placed in authority. Since governments are ordained of God, they naturally fall under the authority of the One who bestowed their authority.

In the same way a spiritual leader cannot really lead without God, neither can a government leader. Unfortunately many spiritual and temporal leaders leave God out of their leadership.

Proper government will be submissive to God and will seek God’s guidance. This is why the founding fathers started meetings with prayer. They spoke  repeatedly of needing the blessings of the Almighty.

Would you encourage your elected leaders this week? Let them know you are praying for them and give them thanks for their effort to lead kindly and effectively.

What do you think our government needs? Please leave a comment.

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4 Responses

  1. Government needs to re-evaluate itself and its purpose. I think of the phrases coined by past Godly leaders, ” Of the People, By the People, and For the People” and things like ” In God We Trust” have lost their meaning and have long been forgotten. And the great points you have made here today have also been forgotten and our leaders have become selfish. Prayers are greatly needed for our elected officials. It makes me wonder if biblical standards are even thought of by those we have elected and given such power for us.

  2. That’s a question that could have plenty of suggestions. God fearing, flag waving patriotic Americans need to not be a silent majority. When politicians become life long career politicians they seem to become addicted to that power. They definitely need our prayers. But when they refuse to demonstrate they are there to serve us and begin to damage the founding Judeo – Christian principles we were built on they need to go. The only way we can currently term limit congress is with our votes. If a senator claims to be a Christian and they consistently vote to approve abortions, gay marriage and try to silence publics displays of Christ or Christmas then they need to know from we the Christian people that they will be out of job the next election cycle. I’m sure we could all write hundreds of things we think the government needs. I wish we had another group of leaders like we did 237 years ago. Godly, principled and courageous men to do the right things for all the country with prayer a main part of their decision making.

  3. The old Native American Indian saying of walking in the moccasins of another is apropos.

    I can share, I have voluntarily served my Country, run for office and I have been elected to office and served two terms. I have sat on governmental and civic committees and worked with State Representatives, School Board officials and council members as well as mayors of several cities. I have been in Bible studies with governmental leaders. I worked diligently to bring a strong ethical character to Jefferson Parish Politics. It is difficult work. Your assessment is well taken.

    People who serve most often really desire to make life better for their family, their children’s children. There is a learning curve that must be climbed to get things done in government. On a national scale, T. Boone Pickens, et.al. bring much insight to the polity in place. Sadly we, as a people, know little about our Constitution and are move by emotion, too often lacking understanding. Respect is one of the key factors coupled with long suffering patience in any recipe for success. A generational approach of saying and doing is missing all too often in our “religious governmental leaderships.” Generally speaking, sanding on principle is a lonely place; and those who said they would be there always are seldom found if a principle negatively affects their pocketbook or pet project. In short, people have not changed since the beginning; and the lordship of self is quite an adversary to even one with the best of intentions.

    Soberingly, hardship is a disciplined teacher and each generation is wise in their own conceits, until they fail. As Churchill and others have said: we generally do the right thing, after we have tried everything else. May we practice what we preach, do as we say in accountability to one another. The book of James was written for a reason, wasn’t it?

    Who pledges their lives, their wealth and their sacred honor? I can think of 19 firefighters who did yesterday. I think the number of firemen who died in the USA last year is 83. I think the number who have died this year in the line of duty is 43. There are those who “get it.” Romans 12:5 Lest we forget.


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