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Recently, I was asked to speak to a writer’s group. They want to know how I came to write a blog.

The truth is I never considered being a writer. My writing is a natural consequence of what God called me to do. I study the Scripture and write about it. I preach and write about it. And, I lead the church and write about it.

Before I ever considered writing in ministry, I was a preacher proclaiming orally the Word of God. Since this is a major part of my ministry, I want to tell you about my upcoming opportunities to preach the good news of Christ.

Waylonbailey.com has a new feature, a speaking page. This makes up part of the header for waylonbailey.com and can be accessed from the home page by clicking (or mashing as one of my blogging friends writes) on “Speaking.”

This page provides my outside speaking areas for the next six months. If you are in the area where I am speaking/teaching/preaching, I would love to get to see you.

The page also provides information on my regular preaching responsibilities at First Baptist Church, Covington, Louisiana, including the ways you can be a part of my teaching and preaching ministry.

I hope you will look at this page from time to time. I also would appreciate your praying for me as I lead First Baptist Covington, the Louisiana Baptist Convention, and as I preach, teach, and write.

Thank you for being part of my online community. I look forward to seeing you somewhere along the way. Please click on Speaking at the top of the page and see where I will be in the coming months.

As always, we appreciate your helping us spread this blog. As you feel comfortable, please share this posting with your friends and encourage them to subscribe to waylonbailey.com.


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