Do We Have Hope For The Future?

I struggled with giving this post a title. I wanted to ask a question: “Can We Reach My Grandchildren?” or “Can We Reach My Friends?” I wanted to make it personal because this is our personal responsibility.

How do we reach our generations for Christ? Especially, how do we reach the youngest generation so that they can take the Gospel to their world?

Recently, I wrote about the five generations in America and our responsibility to reach all of the generations for Christ. You can read that article by clicking here:

This Is Our Job

Our youngest adults in America make up a sizable part of the population, but the percentage of the Millennials (born 1980-2000) who are Christians is smallest of all the five generations. Only 15% of the Millennial generation consider themselves Christian.

What can the church–Millennials through the G.I. Generation–do to reach out to this age group?

First, Millennials want the church to be outwardly focused. Rather than simply taking care of its own, this generation responds to meeting real world needs. Church life and community life go together. They know the church that doesn’t care doesn’t matter.

Second, Millennials have high expectations. They have seen excellence modeled before them in almost every way, especially in technology. They expect to see the same level of excellence in the church. They expect those who lead–preachers to teachers to ushers and greeters–to do so with excellence.

Third, Millennials want to go deeper in the Scripture. Search engines have put every bit of information at their finger tips. They want the church to do the same. They are interested in how the Scripture touches every part of life.

Fourth, Millennials want to participate, get involved, and relate to those around them. Remember, this is the generation of Mark Zuckerberg (the founder and CEO of Facebook). They want leaders who are open, who lead with transparency, humility, and integrity.

Lady Gaga, a millenialist, said recently: “I suppose you could say I’m quite a religious woman who is very confused about religion.”

She’s not alone. Many Millennials and many of the oldest Americans need someone who will take the time and the effort to share the best news ever given.

I hope you will help.

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3 Responses

  1. Waylon, I struggle with personal evangelism more than almost any other issue in my walk with Christ. I can’t tell you how many times I have realized a perfect opportunity to speak to someone about my Lord—an hour or so after they have left my company! I am realizing that it is a matter of mindfulness–being mindful of Jesus and His love for people— in the moment. There are so many distractions–things of much lesser importance. Thank you for helping us stay focused.

    1. I think we all need to be more mindful of our opportunities. One way I do so is to pray for those opportunities. That helps me to recognize them as they occur rather than later.

  2. Your subject is an expression of my heart in Christ.

    Mark’s comment, as your response, is well taken.

    I have repeated the quote: Preach the Gospel everywhere you go; and when necessary speak.

    I often find myself, also, in conflict. When people think you are being “nice” just because you are a nice person, salt is lost and the Light dims. When people think you are doing something to manipulate them, salt is lost and the Light dims. When people realize that you are nothing without Christ and it is He within you who Loves them and is Giving for them, there is Hope.

    Such action as “I bear witness” bring the battle home. It is such a time that 2 Chronicles 20:15 is remembered and Psalms 6:10 prayed knowing the Lord God is One, that Oneness is in Christ Jesus here on earth (Romans 12:5) and the light, warmth, community (coals of Romans 12:20), that can be taken to another camp, comes out of the witness of the many members Behaving as One for His Victory, Romans 12:21. I am thankful for Dr. R. E. Glaze, NOBTS for this insight. And I am thankful for the remembrance of a conversation with Hershel Hobbs regarding an “I bear witness” statement of Paul and the Necessity, the fellowship of Believers acting as One.


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