Questions For God’s People

Rick Warren says the local church is the hope of the world.

I fully agree. God works in many ways and according to His plan, but His plan has always been to work through His people. The church is His body called out of the world and called to go into the world with the Good News.

Martha and I are looking forward to being with you next weekend, and we are looking forward to serving with you as we seek to reach our community for Christ.

My sermon next week will deal with the fields which are ready for harvest and what we can do help bring in God’s harvest. The sermon will have to do with vision and opportunity as we seek to be the hope of the world to our community.

Although I haven’t yet put the sermon completely together I want to ask three questions and seek God’s answer to each one.

I want to know:

Who are we?

What does God want us to do?

How does God want us to accomplish His plan?

As we individually and corporately deal with these questions, we can make even more of a difference in the lives of the people around us. We all know people who need God and who know they need something.

As we move to the new school year, please ask God my three questions above. Let Him speak to you about who you are and what He wants you to do. Then, ask God what He wants His body of believers to do.

Let us commit together to serve Him in obedience and faith.

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3 Responses

  1. Very good thoughts for August, who am I? A Child of God: Ishiah 54:5.
    He wants me to be submissive and obedient and fully, rely on God.
    Thanks for all your posts.

  2. I am excited for this series to begin. I am praying that we find both God and our responsibility to look for Christ in His Body to be joined as One.

    When I joined a new Sunday School Class post Katrina I was told that it would be a class that would apply “together” Scripture to life outside the walls. I was excited and expectant.

    My business founded in 1985 was founded on a Faith Walk. God provided when it was needed, as it was needed: the skill, materials, tools to accomplish the tasks He put before us as a company and me as its director.

    Perhaps when I thanked God to find that all the professions needed in my time of need sat around the conference table it was with the expectation I had found wisdom I did not possess and resources to stand against the evil I faced. While I offered my time and service and contacts to others in the class, I was wrong, wrong, wrong. To God be the Glory for using my situation to bring to light that being in His Church is an “entanglement.” It is the very nature of the foe, the deceiver, the destroyer. Indeed, man was not created to live alone, nor is any individual that would be His.

    May we discover together the reality of Romans 12:5 and John 15-17, etc.


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