I Never Have Emergencies

Everyone has emergencies, and you can’t plan them.

But you can leave time in your day to deal with the inevitable emergencies that occur.

Do you ever get a call where a friend just needs to talk? Do you absolutely, positively have to get something in the mail? Does something just pop-up that gets in the way of your plans for the day?

All of those occur far too often for me.

As a pastor, I also get involved in the emergencies of others. Among many important lessons for pastors, one of the most important is to prepare for emergencies.

Every pastor knows what it is like to decide to prepare your Wednesday night message from 2-5 o’clock in the afternoon with just enough time left over to grab a quick bite to eat. Then, out of nowhere an emergency occurs where your presence is needed. What do you do? Which is the greater emergency?

No one wants to be in that situation. It’s better to have planned for that emergency by scheduling your study earlier in the day. After all, your preparation is first on the priority list. It should also be first on your to-do list as well. By doing so, you are ready for the emergency.

What do you do if you don’t have the emergency? Surprise, surprise! Enjoy a few minutes to relax or prepare ahead for tomorrow’s priority.

One other item about emergencies. Don’t take on someone else’s  emergency. I don’t mean the kind that are true emergencies. I mean the kind that occur because someone else failed to plan. Don’t take on that monkey (see yesterday’s post).

One of my friends who is always dealing with other people’s procrastination has a favorite saying: “Your failure to prepare does not constitute an emergency on my part.”

Life will always have emergencies. Set apart a little time for the inevitable ones and you will make your life a little more manageable.

May God bless you as you seek to give your best for God.

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7 Responses

  1. Thanks for this reminder. Too often we put off the things that are “Really Important” for the things that have no real significance.

  2. When caring for someone who cannot care for themselves and maintaining daily duties, often sleep deprived and without help, does not quite fit into the wise direction offered. Don’t think I’m the only one to encounter such a path. One would hope that during such times the “Body of Believers” could be counted on for perspective direction to resources without consulting the yellow pages. I’m not speaking of money or physical help but direction to resources, knowledge, experience, a plan of action. One would hope that sitting in a room full of competent engaging professionals representing many walks of life one would receive more aid than: agreeing one is in a tough situation, it is a hard world, that kind of thing goes on all the time, I’ll pray for you. The book of James comes to mind.

    It is interesting, however, to see how God brings His People out of the general population to make the point of how much more His People need to grab that meat of the Word you noted recently. When plans are shattered by the willful intent of another who is enabled in that drama, it is easy to see the counter to constructive relationships in Christ. If one cares to look, that is.

    As Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard said, “I carry a thorn in my pocket the like of which was pressed into my Lord’s head. And when I am attacked by those who seek to destroy me, I press it into my flesh as a reminder of His Love and find strength to endure.” I spent a week with Aaron in France, met with him in Bible Studies in his office, pray for him as the Lord leads. I wonder if I know him at all, at times. I remember words often said to me by many in office: There are things you have to do in order to gain some good. Such words scream to me the absence of Romans 12:5; they are deafening in their consequences. Perhaps there is never an emergency. As Mother said about every task or decision after Dad died: Do I have to think about this now, can’t it wait to later? Who is insulated?

    I appreciate and agree with your offering to your target audience. May their flocks realize, when all rests on one, even the common event can become an emergency. If one cannot employ God’s provision to face the small evils as they pop up with the Tools provided to His Bride the only we hope is on the other side. Too late to bring Him Honor and Glory, for which we were designed (Romans 12:5); only Praise, while realizing our sadness of opportunity lost. Thankful for your leadership in Him. Thankful Lord for others who see. Praying for more to reap with You, The Harvest. AMEN.


  3. As I think about your use of hyperbole, I have to smile. A few years ago I was at a function, Senator Mary Landrieu was helping me get Mother to the “ladies room.” She was making sure it was all clear when out of one of the stalls comes Lindy Boggs. I will never forget those big beautiful eyes seemingly explode into a bomb burst, as she beheld a man, in the “Ladies Room!” (my thoughts in quotes reading her eyes). I have had the blessing of having dinner with Lindy and being with her, assisting her on several occasions. She was always a grand lady in my presence, a blessing to me, so sweet to Mother, and wise. If one of your readers was living under a rock they may not have realized she passed to her reward Saturday at the age of 97. To the best of my knowledge, all the good things celebrated about her are true. What a Blessing. Interesting where the “emergencies” of life might bring us In His Service.

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