Something Strange Has Been Happening All Over The South

For two days now, something strange has been happening all over the south.

Cool weather has invaded the region and taken everyone captive. I first noticed this phenomenon Friday afternoon when I went out to run (really jog). At that point the temperature was about five degrees cooler than normal with much lower humidity. Running took on a new feel.

After I finished running, I spoke to my mother is south Alabama. My hometown is not that much farther north than where I live but it is enough so to have much lower temperatures. The temperature was in the lower 70s and she was cold!

The same thing happened in Atlanta where the high temperature was 15 degrees below normal. Most of the south has had one of the coolest and wettest Julys on record.

Today when I ran again, I experienced temperatures in the 70s. What a blessing.

This is what I take from this.

First, this cool weather is a promise that a change is coming. Exactly as God promised that the earth would have spring time and harvest, this little cool snap is preparing us for changes which we all enjoy and which gives blessing to the earth.

Second, this reminds us how big God is. This change in temperature came about by the jet stream dropping farther south than normal. Cool air has been trapped against the Appalachian Mountains, bringing more moisture and more cool air. Maybe all this has happened before, but it’s a first for me.

With all the talk about climate change and attempts at climate control, we don’t even know if the earth is warming or cooling. God’s creation overshadows man and his designs. The Psalmist looked at the creation and asked: What is man that you are mindful of Him? (Psalm 8:4).

Yet, God loves and cares for us.

As we enjoy this weather, let us also enjoy its Creator. Let us praise and honor Him and offer Him our lives and our service.

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One Response

  1. Thanks for once again bringing a smile to my lips. The weather has been favorable lately. May we enjoy what we have in light of “This is the Day the Lord has Made, rejoice and be glad in It.”

    Regarding climate change. It depends in one’s time interval. Last century and this century the earth has been warming. One has only to observe the mountain glaciers around the world, notice the new growth tree lines and talk or read the reports of scientists in both hemispheres.

    I have noticed the Wind of the Spirit is also on the rise. Interesting. Perhaps more of His will realize He Truly is Lord of all and our blinders fall making the main Thing the Main Thing in our lives.


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