Forgiveness Is A Life Long Commitment

Thank you for your intense interest in the sermon series “Forgiving and Letting Go.”

In one sense the series has been difficult for all of us–difficult for me to preach and difficult to have to confront our need to forgive. We normally refuse to really consider the difficult events of life. We stuff our problems deep inside and never really think about them.

While we don’t consider our hurts, our hurts continue to take their toll.

This series has made us think about the hurts and bitterness of life.

If this results in forgiving and letting go, we will be blessed by dealing with such difficult issues.

Many of you have asked for the sermon series. This weekend’s sermon is the last in the series. Beginning early this week you can purchase the entire series as a DVD or audio CD by calling the church office (985-892-2149) and asking for Karen. The set will cost $25.00. You can also go to the church website at to leave a message or place an order.

For those of you who live in the vicinity of FBC Covington, in the very near future we will have a Bookstore Cart in the foyer area nearer to the Children’s area and Media Library. The cart will contain a number of books and Bibles which the church staff has recommended. You will also be able to purchase the sermon series from the Bookstore Cart as well.

We now have two sermon series for purchase. Over the next few months we will be adding additional sermon series as well.

Please consider using the Bookstore Cart as an opportunity to purchase gifts for your family members. We hope to make the cart another resource to help you in your spiritual growth.



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3 Responses

  1. The importance of forgiveness was brought to mind again a few days ago when a client called me to apologize for missing an appointment. His phone had been stolen while he was in a line in a retail store. Some folks saw it happen and told him who the “thief” was. When he confronted the person, a female, she angrily denied it, and verbally attacked him for “falsely accusing” her. While they were talking, his phone fell out of her purse! She angrily told him to keep his [expletive deleted] phone, and to get out of her face, and turned and walked away. When he told me this on the phone, he was angry enough to hurt someone, as you can imagine. I felt angry also that someone could be so blatantly dishonest and unremorseful, even when caught red-handed. Such is the way of the unredeemed mind. But at this point, as I pointed out to him, his anger was only hurting him–diminishing the quality of his life–not accomplishing anything good. I expressed my desire that he begin the process of forgiveness, and accomplish it as soon as possible. I prayed with him toward that end. We both were reminded of what we have been delivered from in Christ [that is, this woman’s mindset.] Thank God for what we have been delivered from! We prayed that God would see that she got whatever she needed [from His infinitely wise viewpoint] that would lead to her salvation.
    Since we continue to be daily affected by our own and others’ sinful natures, it is important to live forgivingly, which is to say, in and with grace, so that we can enjoy peace and abundant life.

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