Grateful Hearts

Martha and I have hearts filled with gratitude over the 25 years we have served as pastor of First Baptist Church, Covington, Louisiana.

The church outdid itself yesterday with the celebration. We greatly enjoyed the time together under the pavilion.

These have been joyful years, and we are thankful for them.

Here are some of the reasons why these years have been so joyful.

First, the blessings of God. I think we followers of Christ misplace some of our reasons for joy. We look at peace or prosperity and assume this is what brings joy.

I am convinced these have been joyful years because we have seen God at work. In Acts 15, the believers in Jerusalem thrilled at the stories of the Gentiles who turned to God. To know the Holy Spirit had come upon the Gentiles gave them reason to thank and praise God.

Second, I marvel over the kindness the church has bestowed on our family over the years. We have felt loved, appreciated, and cared for.

Third, I rejoice over all the wonderful people I have worked with now and in the past. We are blessed with a happy place to work and people who serve for all the right reasons.

Fourth, it’s hard not to be joyful when your church is centered around God, Scripture, and people. As I reflect over our worship and service together, I see a church with the right emphasis about God and people.

Fifth, I am joyful that the church is looking forward and not back. As long as the Holy Spirit is active in the church, the best days are those ahead.

Finally, we rejoice together over Christ and Him crucified. When Christ is the agenda, the church will not have any other agendas. That lack of extraneous agendas helps make the worship pure and the service meaningful.

I thankful for the opportunity to serve as pastor of this wonderful church.

Please pray that our worship and ministry would please God. Please seek to honor Him in all things.

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8 Responses

  1. Hi Waylon,
    Congratulations on 25 years! Bill and I were talking about you last week and how wonderfully God has used you to teach and share the gospel. Bill said he has never met anyone that he admires more on this earth! Thank you for being a blessing to our family and so many others.
    Donna and Bill Gray

  2. Our hearts are filled with gratitude, also, over the 25 years you and Martha have served our church. You have been a light to our church, community, and our world through your ministry here. You have shown the love of Christ in so many ways to so many people.

  3. You have both been a light in the darkness both in serving our church family and to our community and to missions locally and in foreign countries. You are obedient and a great example to all around you. We love you and are grateful to have you as our pastor and pastor’ s wife and look forward to many more years under your biblical tutorage.

  4. We are studying 3 John in our Bible Fellowship on Saturday evenings and John’s letter reveals how wrong attitudes and selfish ambition can arise in the church. We are so grateful for you and Martha for having right, truthful, and loving attitudes and leadership in the church at FBC Covington. We have personally grown and learned so much from you both. Shirley and I thank you both so much.

  5. Waylon,
    Congratulations! We are proud for you and Martha. You both have meant so much to the Morris family. We love and appreciate you both. It is hard to believe that we have been away for almost 8 years

    May our Lord continue to bless you and all the church family at FBC Covington.



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