How We Change

Change is hard. Brain researcher, Dr. Gerhard Roth of the University of Bremen in Germany, explains why. “The brain is always trying to automate things and to create habits, which it imbues with feelings of pleasure. Holding to the tried and true gives us a feeling of security, safety and competence while at the same time reducing our fear of the future and of failure.”

“When you are behaving as if you loved someone, you will presently come to love them”–C. S. Lewis.

“When it comes to solving our own problems, we usually know what must be done. Often, it’s the very thing we’re avoiding, the hard choice we’re simply afraid to make. And what’s required of us is that one choice we almost always refuse to make: We have to change”–Jeff Goins.

“We who formerly hated and murdered one another now live together and share the same table”–Justin Martyr, A.D. 100-165).

“Nothing can compensate the church, or the individual Christian, for the lack of the Holy Spirit. What the full stream is to the mill wheel, that the Holy Spirit is to the church. What the principle of life is to the body, that the Holy Spirit is to the individual. We shall stand powerless and abashed in the presence of our difficulties and our foes until we learn what He can be, as a mighty tide of love and power in the hearts of His saints”–F.B. Meyer.

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