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I grew up singing many hymns that meant so much to me. I often find myself humming or whistling a tune from years ago. I’m not much of a singer, but I whistle and hum quite a bit.

One of those hymns that continues to mean much to me is “Count Your Blessings.” I’m not exactly sure how the words went, but this is the way I remember it. “Count your blessings, name them one by one, count your many blessings, see what God has done.”

I actually did that one day. I took a yellow legal pad and started writing the things I am blessed with and thankful for. After I hit number 100, I decided it was futile. You simply can’t name all the blessings you have.

Why not give that a try? It was a great exercise for me. I’ve never forgotten the fact that God’s blessings and compassions are new every morning.

Sometimes I simply try to thank God for those blessings. While it is a very meaningful prayer, it too is futile.

But, of course, that’s the point. It’s easy to think you are the only one who doesn’t have something or the only one who’s gone through hard times.

It is good to “count your blessings.”

These are things I am grateful for as I write–a wonderful and faithful wife, sweet daughters, good sons-in-law, and the best grandchildren.

I am also thankful God called me to preach the Gospel. I’ve never gotten over God’s call to me. I simply can’t imagine doing anything else.

I am thankful for the congregation of First Baptist Church, Covington, Louisiana. Getting to serve with them has blessed our lives.

And, I am truly grateful to you who read this day by day. Thank you for allowing me to share as God has blessed me. I appreciate your reading and your prayers. Though I don’t know the large majority of you, I feel blessed to be associated with you in this small way.

May God bless you today as you thank Him for His “many blessings.”

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6 Responses

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and all your family. When I thank God for all my blessings, I find it impossible to list them all. We are all so blessed, but take so much for granted. I hope that everyone will take time out to think about their many blessings and to thank God for all He has done for us.

  2. Here’s to hoping you and yours have a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving Waylon! And yes Ms. Tissie, I agree! It is easy to take for granted all the many blessings from God. I am spending what seems like the first Thanksgiving far away from home and alone has been a huge challenge. The solitude and long work hours have made me appreciate just how important not only my family is, but my church family as well. The prayers and support from both families have been a huge blessing I am thankful for! God bless you all as you spend time with your families and count your many blessings!

  3. Well Said Dr. Bailey I heard Dave Ramsey say yesterday on the Radio that it is amazing How The Pres. many generations ago set aside one day of the year and called it Thanksgiving . A time for us to stop what we’re doing and thank God our Creator for what he has done for us. Not only in our personal lives but also in Many other ways.
    It is astonishing what has happened in the Martin Family in just a short year . I thank God for the Blessings and the thorns where I have learned so much.
    Michael Martin

  4. We’ve also been focusing on our blessings over the past few months. They are, as you say, without number. Every day I thank God for another day and ask him to help me be aware of all the blessings in each day. Some we’re aware of and some we aren’t priveledged to know… just yet. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Thank you for your daily devotion.

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