The Biggest Question of the New Year

What will make your new year better than last year? What is it that will determine whether you will see progress or regress?

I believe there’s one question that is bigger than any others.

“Am I looking at God or the grasshoppers?”

When God had the people of Israel ready to take the land He had promised, Moses sent spies to determine how they should take the land. He did not send spies to determine whether or not they should attempt to take the land. Unfortunately, that’s what this “committee” turned into.

The real question for people of that day and for the people of our day has to do with God and grasshoppers.

They looked at themselves and they looked at the people who inhabited the land and determined they could not win. They were grasshoppers in their own eyes. The result of their thinking meant wandering in the wilderness of Sinai for forty years. They endured hardship and missed God’s promises because they looked at the size of the obstacles instead of the size of their God.

We all face the same threats. How many of us miss God’s promises because we focus on the problems and not on the God of our problems?

We need to ask ourselves a question for the coming year.

Am I going to live in faith or in fear? As you read through the Bible, you notice a recurring theme. God again and again tells His people not to fear. The message of Christ’s coming into the world reflected this theme. Joseph, Mary, and the shepherds were all told not to be afraid.

Not only is fear debilitating, it is also sinful. It took me a long time to see the sinfulness of fear.

God calls us to trust Him and not to be afraid.

Will you look at God or the grasshoppers?

What will you focus on this year?

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  1. Bob Donald
    Jan 01, 2015


  2. Michael
    Jan 01, 2015

    Well I will never look at a grasshopper the same any more.
    2015 for me is all about Growing in Christ
    One of my Important and High Goals this year
    Is to be a better teacher of the gospel .
    God help me do this !!!

    • The Millers
      Jan 02, 2015

      I will pray for you Michael!
      Pray for me.
      We are all teaching something with or without a title.

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