The Necessity for Revival in America

“Revival is falling in love with Jesus all over again”–Vance Havner.

“There is a spiritual battle in our nation today to define what love and truth are. The kingdom of darkness is assaulting this generation with deception concerning the truth about Jesus, His message of grace, and what the lifestyle of His kingdom should look like. God is looking for faithful witnesses who will stand for biblical truth about Jesus and His definitions of love, morality, and truth”–Mike Bickle.

“Revival is a fresh act of obedience”–Charles Finney.

“Paul encouraged Christians living in dark times, ‘Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good’ (Romans 12:21). We are to follow the example of the One who touched leprous bodies to touch leprous souls, who opened blind eyes to open blind hearts. Now Jesus calls us his ‘body’ (1 Corinthians 12:27). What he did, we are to do, and when we do, they will know we are Christians by our love (John 13:35)”–Jim Denison.

“Revival is war between God and the devil”–J. Edwin Orr.

“You will never be more successful than your prayer life. God answers prayer. When you are prayerless, you are clueless. Who you are before God in private prayer is who you really are, no more no less. When you pray, you are calling upon God for the one thing you need most, His mercy. You don’t deserve it, but ask for it. You need it. Wait for it. Receive it. Talk less! Pray more!”–Gary Miller.

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One Response

  1. Your subject today is one dear to my heart. I have been praying for a Third Great Awakening since the Fall of 1973, when I addressed the Pastors Prayer meeting of the Sandy Creek Baptist Association which was born out of the labors of men who were converted under Whitefield in the First Great Awakening and which experienced the Second Great Awakening.. For my morning devotions I read the Bible and a passage from Jonathan Edwards’ Humble Attempt, the work which called for united prayer for the advancement of the Gospel in other nations. It was this work which led the Baptists in England to began praying for the spread of the Gospel and seven years to launch the mission effort in India that resulted in William Carey becoming the Father of Modern Missions. The work, Humble Attempt, also led, I suspect to the Second Great Awakening. The secret of the whole affair is what we overlook and avoid as much as possible, namely, the theology, the theology of Sovereign Grace. Most people are angered by it due, in part no doubt, to the misrepresentations by some of its advocates who failed to understand the nature of the beliefs involved. Actually, Sovereign Grace is the most evangelistic theology that has ever been or ever will be, because it acknowledges the Sovereignty of God in the matter of salvation. However, contrary to the misrepresentations of it, the doctrines of grace as they are called are really invitations to be saved and were so used by our Lord during His ministry on earth. As one scholar has said, “Predestination is an invitation to begin one’s spiritual pilgrimage,….” That statement was like turning on a light in my heart. Eventually, I would come to understand the warm winsomeness of such beliefs, to appreciate the therapeutic nature of the paradoxes set forth, and to adore the Lord Jesus Christ for His desire to be the Helper of the helpless.

  2. Revival begins when man breaks out of those walls he himself have built up, hiding and protecting his sins and sinful nature. This process is begun by envisioning our lives as much greater than the small bubble we’ve become accustom to. “To envision history is to envision eternity is to envision death is to envision thru God’s eyes….is to consider that moment at the end of life standing next to God …”

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