Moving to the Next Level

Is anything more of a universal need than moving to the next level?

Wouldn’t you like to take your marriage or business to the next level? How about your personal finances?

Does the same apply to your relationship with God? What would life look like if you moved forward with God to the next level?

Why not elevate every part of your life?

I have a suggestion for moving your life to the next level.

Begin to memorize Scripture. Learn what Scripture means and commit it to memory. Meditate on the Scripture and review it often.

I have learned that this will move your relationship with God and your life to a more significant place.

What will Scripture memorization do for you?

First, it will begin your understanding of who God is. As you memorize Scripture, you will get an understanding of God you’ve never had before.

The Bible reveals God. We can’t know God without Scripture. If you neglect Scripture, you will think of God as you think of yourself. You will become your own idol.

This is exactly what happens to many people. How many times have you heard, “I can’t believe in a God who . . .”? These are people who do not read, memorize, or value Scripture. They are “making life up as they go,” and the result is not good.

Second, you will begin to recognize God’s voice. As you memorize Scripture, you will begin to discern God’s will and direction. How many times have you heard your mother speaking to you (even after she died)? That’s because you had a close, personal relationship.

In the same way, we need to hear God’s voice by committing Scripture to memory.

Third, memorizing Scripture will draw you closer to God than you’ve ever been. The Apostle James encouraged us to “draw near to God.” He said: “Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you” (James 4:8).

Finally, memorizing Scripture will give the Holy Spirit the opportunity to speak to you in the situations you face. Instead of being left alone without any direction, memorizing Scripture will open the door to God’s leadership.

Are you ready to move to the next level? I am, and tomorrow I’ll show you how to begin the process.

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3 Responses

  1. Excellent points Waylon. Scripture is not just Sunday school reading lessons about the story of God and Jesus.; Scripture is the living and active Word of God!. I am studying this very subject in my theology grad course Scripture: Authority, Canon & Criticism. In order to keep in step with the Holy Spirit, we need to trust and obey what the Bible says. An excellent book to read is Words of Life -Scripture as the Living and Active Word of God by Timothy Ward (IVP Academic 2009).

  2. There is a lot of thought in this. There are days I am not sure I made it to the first level. then I spend more time with the Lord. it doesn’t have to be reading the Bible, but that’s a good way, Sometimes I just go play the piano. With my bad eyesightn is not great music, but it heals. Another good way is for me to have your sermons recorded and watch one. There is no such thing in a bad Waylon sermon. I just pick one.

  3. I spent time this week just reading the book of John, since we spoke in church. It does help understand who God is. Thanks for what you do Waylon.

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