It’s Time to Pray

It’s time to pray.

We need to see prayer as it really is. It’s an opportunity to connect with God in personal relationship and to cast all our needs upon him.

I’d like to give you a few items for which you need to pray.

First, pray for leaders over the nations (1 Timothy 2:1-4).

We must pray for a quiet and peaceable life, allowing us to share our faith openly and make Christ known.

In Louisiana, we will elect a new governor this year as well as selecting a number of people to serve in state-wide offices. We certainly need to pray.

Next year in America, we will choose a new president. This is of momentous significance in terms of Supreme Court appointees, and the general tone of the nation over the next four or eight years.

Second, pray that God would give us an open door for evangelism.

Paul told us to take this duty seriously. While in prison, he asked the Colossian Christians to pray for him (Collosians 4:2-6). It’s astounding what he asked for. He did not ask  for them to  pray that he would be released from jail; he prayed God would open a door for him to effectively share his faith.

Third, pray that we as a church would have open doors, allowing us to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world. Pray that we might know how to speak to everyone – the right word at the right time. Pray that God would draw people to Himself so that they might be saved. Finally, please pray for the ministry plan for First Baptist Covington. We want to be faithful as we elect deacons, prepare a budget, and prepare for new buildings for our campus.

The finance team and the strategy planning team are working diligently to get information to bring before you about our new building.

At this point, we are close to selecting a lending institution to be our partner for the next 10 or so years. We are also seeking God’s leadership as we develop a building plan that will allow us to do ministry in our community and over the North Shore.

Please remember prayer is not the least you can do; it’s the most you can do.

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