I’m Going Over the Edge

Friday, June 19th, I plan to go “Over the Edge” by rappelling down a high rise building in downtown Baton Rouge.

I hope you will support me as I do so. Martha wants you to pray, and I want you to give for needs of foster and adoptive kids and families in Louisiana.

We have a family problem in Louisiana. On any given day, there are approximately 4500 children in foster care in our state. That is a tragedy in itself. The greater tragedy is that there is a significant shortage of foster families to care for these children.

The area with the greatest need in the state is the Covington region.

The shortage of homes often means siblings are separated or children are moved from one home to another. Some homes are overcrowded.

Children are in foster care through no fault of their own. Most are victims of abuse, neglect, and abandonment.

You and I can help. I intend to rappel and give to Crossroads NOLA, a non-profit agency that came out of FBC New Orleans, to help alleviate the problems associated with foster children in our state. Crossroads NOLA partners with the Louisiana Baptist Children’s Home to care for the orphans in Louisiana.

In addition to me, pastors David Crosby (FBC New Orleans) and Ken Schroeder (FBC Mandeville) will go over the edge as well.

Crossroads NOLA is seeking to raise $30,000 for Give NOLA day, May 5. Would you help us?

We are going over the edge to call attention to the needs of families in the state and to raise money and awareness of what the church can do.

After all, there are 4500 kids in foster care and 5700 churches in Louisiana. We can follow the biblical mandate to care for widows and orphans and make a difference in our state.

On Tuesday May 5, you can donate at givenola.org and designate your gift to Crossroads NOLA. Crossroads NOLA will use our gifts to advocate for children in Louisiana.

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10 Responses

  1. PRAYING for foster children, Crossroads NOLA, all rappelling and their families. and the response of the church!
    Can you guess which one of us would absolutely shimmy down the side of that building alongside of you like it’s nothing? He’d be like a kid at the water park getting back in line to do it again and again. Purpose driven adventure, nothing like it!
    I hope video will be available to share.

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