Why I Have Hope

All week we’ve been reading the disastrous consequences of the Supreme Court’s decision forcing legalization of same-sex marriages on the states. Unfortunately, we’ve seen some fairly dire predictions. Some of these may come to pass and some may not.

We do know this is not good for children, families, or for a society.

Yet, I have hope. I have great hope.

Here’s why.

First, God is still king. He was not taken by surprise by this decision. He is still on His throne.

Second, I am hopeful because of the work of the Holy Spirit. Who has the greater power–the Supreme Court of the United States or the Spirit of the living God? The books of Daniel and Revelation have a common theme: all earthly kingdoms will fail; God’s kingdom will reign forever. That sounds pretty hopeful to me.

Third, I have hope because I believe the church will stand for right and truth. Unfortunately, most of us have lived in a time of an impotent and ineffective church. Either the church will die or it will stand.

I have hope because I believe the church will stand. This will not be the case of every church. We will still be disappointed at the non-biblical teachings espoused by many people and churches. Most of those churches will continue their downward slide. Those who speak the truth in love and live in obedience to Christ will have opportunities to lead and to see people changed.

Fourth, I have hope because of the stark contrast between darkness and light. The light is brightest when the world is darkest. Right now the world is really dark. Christ and His truth will shine before our world.

Fifth, I’m hopeful because society has two choices. Either young families will get their children in a Bible believing church or their children will never hear of eternal values and righteousness.  I’m hopeful because I believe that God has put within the hearts of many moms and dads the desire that their children be told the truth.

Finally, I am hopeful because of the promises of our unchanging God who has promised never to leave us nor to forsake us.

It is time for the church to stand. The church will stand when you stand. You must recommit yourself to biblical principles and total and unyielding commitment to Christ. You must look for every opportunity to give the reason for the hope that is in you. “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect, keeping a clear conscience, so that those who speak maliciously against your good behavior in Christ may be ashamed of their slander” (1 Peter 3:15-16).

God revealed Himself in Christ. Christ is the only way. We must gently and respectfully share our hope with our family and friends.

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4 Responses

  1. Very incouraging words. I am amazed at people shown on television news celebrating a victory that defies God’s intention for the sacred family institution. No matter how long man stays on the earth in rebellion of the Lord he continues to repeat the same sin mistakes.
    It is such a comfort to rest in our faith that God is all powerful with a perfect plan. Thanks for reminding us that His light is brightest in the darkest of times.

  2. Excellent post, Pastor Bailey! The enemy’s lie is to believe this law does not matter. Science textbooks have already removed creation (God) as a theory. Evolution is the “truth” taught from first to twelfth grade. Required curriculum for elementary students already teaches family equals same-sex (Heather Has Two Mommies & Daddy’s Roommate). Our grandchildren will not recognize the religious freedoms we have taken for granted. We have legalized sin, again, in America. Speak up and vote loud, Christians! Take back your country one family at a time. It starts in our homes first.

  3. As always, your words are wise and comforting. Inasmuch as this particular court action as seemly touched everyone – in ways good and bad, and on both sides of the root issue, it has awaken Christians to the “potential” harm of the Supreme Court Ruling. On the other hand it has, in some cases, shown the ugly side of Christianity – to the point that our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters might have an excuse to consider (some of) us a “hate group”. As one minister said; and it has always been true: that we shouldn’t necessarily be shocked when the world is being the world and the church is being the church. The court didn’t say that Christians have to like homosexuality – if they do, I’ll be on the front line of the battleground on the courthouse steps. But until then, isn’t my best defense to listen, engage, reason, vote, and LOVE. After all, our great country is not a Christian Theocracy – we’re a Democracy with a lot of Christian citizens. Friends, I am not a sheep in the sense of meekness or not standing up for my beliefs. I think many folks would consider me a sheepdog with protective instincts and a will to act when needed. But I fear right now that the over-reaction and fear and posturing by Christian people not acting like Christians widens the divide and solves nothing. If everything we claim about homosexuality and same sex marriage is Biblically true – and I believe it is – then isn’t it also true that the Greatest two Commandment in the Bible, straight from the mouth of Jesus himself are to (1) Love God and (2) Love our neighbor….PERIOD. He doesn’t go one to say which neighbors to love and which to shun or argue with, and he doesn’t distinguish between the kind of neighborhoods we live in. If we follow these Greatest Commandments and do what we can do, I honestly believe – because my Bible tells me so – God will do what only He was do. Wayman Bailey, I love your blog, I love your heart, and I love you. Ron Vice

  4. Waylon

    Thank you!

    I deeply appreciate your posts concerning the SCOTUS “decision” this week. You have provided much needed guidance and mooring in the midst of the latest assault/obliteration of US Judeo-Christian underpinnings. I also appreciate your emphasis on truth AND love as we engage individuals and the culture.
    Thank you for the courage to deal with this hot topic with clarity and wisdom.

    As we act lovingly toward someone practicing forms of God-lessness (be it same-sex, pride, poor stewardship of time/resources, etc.), we do so humbly and gratefully. Most Christ-followers can vividly recall being lost rebels who denied the supremacy of Christ in many areas of life. If honest, we admit that we still have desires to control things, situations and people for our own selfish purposes. Even so, our hearts and eyes can see the futility of the pursuit of godlessness. We can engage others, not as “holier than thou-ers,” but as compassionate and gracious sentinels who alert others to the TRUTH (Jesus) who has freely offered love with amazing grace.

    Yes, SCOTUS has now affirmed/legislated yet another God-less law, BUT the Highest Court beyond the universe, the Judge of judges, the Sovereign One, the Designer, Creator and Sustainer of all wrote HIS law, Before there was time, He also wrote it on the heart of every person. When His eternal judgment (not opinion) comes down, scripture says we will ALL bow down to HIM. Until then, we speak truth and live out love to all (even, ouch, our enemies says Jesus). On our own, “that ain’t gonna happen; it can not happen.”

    Lord, we ask for fresh infillings of your Holy Spirit to empower us in YOUR truth and YOUR love. Teach us to how to speak and live both for Your glory. In Jesus name. Amen

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