Why I Am Encouraged About Our Building Expansion

I’m encouraged about our building expansion. It’s a big project, and it’s taken time to get off the ground.

Now, we are getting closer to our start date.

There are several things that I am encouraged about.

First, I’ve gotten more and more comfortable with the scope of the project. It’s a big undertaking, but I believe we are ready to move our campus to the next level. This is the culmination of the vision we had 15 years ago when we were in the process of moving to our present location.

Second, I’m encouraged about the number of new families who have united with us over the past few years. They have brought a newness and an excitement to our congregation.

Third, I am encouraged about the financial condition of our congregation. We are now in a strong position financially to begin this project. Our giving is strong and is increasing. We are seeing new spiritual commitments that are also affecting our financial ability to fund strong ministries while building adequate buildings.

Fourth, I am encouraged and thankful for the commitment of First NBC bank to make our project possible at an interest rate that doesn’t take away from our ministries.

Fifth, I’m encouraged by the level of giving to the Rise Up! Capital Campaign. We have seen many people rise up and be counted.

The end of June marks the halfway point in our giving campaign. At the end of June, after 50% of the elapsed time we have received 48.9% of the commitments. This is a remarkable level of giving.

I believe in the end we will have received much more than 100% of commitments made. As we break ground at the end of this year, we hope to present to many of our new people the opportunity to give and participate in this project. I am encouraged at the commitment of new members and our long committed people.

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