Do Deacons Matter?

Let me give you two main reasons why it’s important for you to nominate men to serve as deacons and why it’s important for you to pray about who will be elected.

First, deacons are Scriptural. In the New Testament, we find two offices in the church. The first is that of pastors, elders, bishops, and overseers. All of these names refer to one office – – that of the spiritual leaders of the church.

The second Scriptural office – – but no less important – – is that of deacons. The word deacon comes from the word servant. In the church deacons serve the congregation.

It is a beautiful Scriptural presentation of God’s care for His church.

Second, deacons matter for practical reasons. For example, deacons are directly elected by the church and, therefore, are valued highly for their leadership.

Deacons serve for me as a go to group. When you need feedback, ideas, and encouragement, you need a group to go to. Because deacons have been directly elected by the church, they become my go to group.

Deacons lead in practical ministry. We ask our deacons to visit the hospitals, minister in crises and emergencies, and pray for the spiritual needs of the church. This is a valuable ministry. Thankfully, the whole congregation ministers in this way as found in the Bible.

Finally, as a practical point of view deacons give an example of Christian living and Godly leadership. It is an indispensable role.

For all of these reasons, we need you to give us nominations of men you feel led to bring before the church. Our Deacon Nominating Team will take all of these recommendations and put together a ballot of 16 to 20 men who they feel led to bring before the church. They will finalize their list in September and October and you will vote on twelve deacons in November.

Please be in prayer about the work and ministry of our deacons and our church.

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