Aug. 27-02

Why Christians Should Oppose the Iran Nuclear Deal

Aug. 27-01The United States Congress in the very near future will make one of the most significant decisions of our lifetime. In fact, there may be nothing more significant for the future of the United States, the world, and our children than this historic vote.

I am firmly convinced that Americans – – and particularly American Christians – – should oppose the Iran Nuclear Deal in every way possible.

Why is this the case?

First, we should oppose the Iran nuclear deal because of the nature of evil. Evil – – in all of its manifestations – – must be opposed. Evil cannot be appeased; it can only be confronted.

Many people are calling this 1938 all over again.

What happened in 1938? Britain and France met with Adolph Hitler and the Nazi regime in Germany and, in effect, gave Hitler permission to expand his evil regime. Prior to 1938 Hitler had not committed his greatest atrocities. After the meeting with Britain and France, Hitler proceeded to kill 6 million Jews.

Every Christian should know the name Neville Chamberlain. Chamberlain was the Prime Minister of Great Britain. After meeting with Hitler, Chamberlain showed his misunderstanding of evil with one of the most wrong – headed statements of all time. After meeting with Hitler he happily said that they had brought about “peace in our time.” World War II took the lives of 55 million people worldwide.

Evil cannot be appeased it must be confronted.

Second, Christians should oppose the Iran Nuclear deal because of the nature of Iran. Iran has called for death to the United States and the annihilation of Israel. No country on earth has called for the annihilation of any other country except for Iran.

Iran has executed more of its own people than any nation except China.

How ironic is this? Iran has recently executed 6000 people because they are homosexual. Liberals in America, who support and encourage homosexuality, also generally support the Iran nuclear deal.

Third, Christians should oppose the Iran Nuclear deal because of what it will do to the nation of Israel. Iran has actively called for the annihilation of Israel. With the $150 billion this deal will give Iran, they will add to the instability of the Middle East and will threaten Israel like no other time since 1948.

What else should we do?

We should pray for the peace of Israel and for the peace of the world. We should pray for our leaders as they make this historic decision. Both of these suggestions are the commands of Holy Scripture. We should give our best to make for real peace for all time.

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3 Responses

  1. A courageous and well supported exhortation for Christ followers to not sit on our hands and keep silent and hope for the best.

    Your 1938 reference is right on…if we and one of our friends were threatened by someone who not only said they were going to kill us, but also had a history of doing just that, would we reach into our wallets to help them acquire horrific capabilities to do that to us and many others?

    Historians chronicle the race for an atomic bomb in WW2…Hitler & Co.were after WWMD, but for some fortuitous events (thanks be to God), most believe he would have used them extensively.

    Confronting evil has been, is and will be costly…just ask those who have sacrificed, suffered and served to oppose it.

    Prayer, advocacy and support for military families are imperatives…with the underpinning that we don’t trust in princes or horses (govt or armies), but in the Lord who says, I AM THE ALPHA AND OMEGA, THE BEGINNING AND THE END…THE ALMIGHTY!


  2. Fourth, Christians should be opposed to the Iran Nuclear deal, because Iran was a creation of the folks who run the west. They needed to raise up a foe, if they were going to keep their power. Suggest you read the book by Carroll Quigley, Tragedy and Hope (you can even down load it for free)(Dr. Quigley was Mr. Clinton’s mentor at Georgetown and recommended him for the scholarship to Oxford. Also read a book titled the NSA (or National Security Agency, Dr. John Coleman’s The Conspiracy’s Hierarchy. and then read about the Jew who became a Baptist and published the secrets of Israel’s atomic weapons problems, for which they kidnapped him in Great Britain and took him back to Israel and put him in prison for treason (only fair, I think on that), but the idea that in the 80s Israel had as many as 250-350 nuclear weapons is not too comforting. And then the NSA book reveals that they stole all of our nuclear secrets.

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