Ten Years Later

IMG_0943We’re not celebrating Hurricane Katrina today, but we are remembering what turned out to be one of the single most significant events in most of our lives.

We are remembering over 1300 people in our area who died. We are remembering the many people who lost homes and businesses and whose lives were redirected because of the “worst natural disaster in United States history.”

We are also celebrating God’s goodness and the ministry of many people today.

Some of the things I remember:

I remember the last worship services before the storm and the first ones after. We had over 2000 people in attendance each of the two weeks before Hurricane Katrina hit. On the Sunday after, we met under the Preschool Portico with 218 people present. I preached from a section of a pine log standing  on its end. A member of a chain saw crew housed at our church carved a cross on it. (That cross is on the platform today).

I remember Godly people from across the South who came to our area to bless us. They cleared roads of downed trees, took trees off houses, and prayed and cared for all of us.

I remember our car line to provide food and baby products to people in need. Again, people from all over the country sent food and basic items to our area. We “broke out” the trailers and shared the blessings with out community.

I remember when a family with a newborn came from St. Tammany Hospital to get diapers because they weren’t available anywhere else in town.

I remember the single mom who came in a panic because she had no food. This was before our car line was set up. No one had any food either. Don, who worked on our maintenance crew and who was temporarily living in our building, gave one of his two jars of peanut butter for the mom and her children.

I remember the fear about the future, and I remember the faithfulness of God to be with us and never forsake us.

Let us remember and let us bless others as God has blessed us.

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3 Responses

  1. Yes, I remember the devastation. But God was still with me and my family. Afterwards, I faith to rebuild and start over. Today I am blessed with a home 3 times more in value than the one lost. Glory to God!And My Faith Has Grown As well.

  2. This is a time of rembrance of the caring and love people poured out. I had 11 people from New Orleans and Covington at my house. A few for weeks and some for over a year. It was a fun and sad time, but through it all it was a time closer to God and praise that He was still in control.

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